Becoming an Incurable Editor

You are working intensely to improve your writing skills: What are you learning and how are your skills changing? Do you feel differently about writing? Are you on the road to becoming an incurable editor?


  1. Luz Martinez says

    Hello all,

    This professional writing class has indeed been a very interesting class for me. I have always struggled with writing and dreaded even writing a simple paper. I think the core of my struggle came from feeling not confident in my work and the way even my simple English was.

    Throughout this course, I have already seen a huge difference in my writing and also the confidence I have while I am writing. Before, I was so uneducated on many rules of writing. Grammar, comma, and formatting rules are skills that I see myself improving in as I go through this course and learn about it. Reading the chapters and practicing the skills in assignments like the resume, the thank you letter, the complaint and denial letter, those are writing pieces we may one day need in the real world. Having this class to learn and practice those now has been great so that if necessary I can even go back and look at those if I ever need to do so.

    Getting to not only summarize what I learn in a discussion post, but then learn off my classmates from reading their comments has been extremely beneficial to me. I often will read something in the book but still be a bit unsure, then reading fellow classmates discussion posts and their examples makes the information way more clear. Not only do I learn off of my classmates, but I always love to get feedback from Professor Young on my assignments because she always is so thorough in what I can improve on as well as what I did well.

    I feel confident that with these last few weeks of this semester my knowledge in professional writing will continue to grow and I bet my classmates feel the same way. I am hoping to feel more comfortable with what I write and keep finding ways to always improve.

    All the best my fellow writers,

    Luz Martinez

  2. Mary Markusic says

    Greetings Professor Young,

    The road to becoming a writer in this professional writing class has had it’s ups and downs. Despite the roller coaster ride, I feel like I have learned a lot. I can take away a lot from this class, and leave here with an overall positive outlook.

    I have learned that language skills help you to connect with others clearly and could possibly help you develop a productive workplace environment. Employers are searching for individuals with good writing ability to represent their corporation and evolve into leadership positions. Getting a variety of writing skills can help workers to get heard by experts in every field, lobby for their goals, and get work done more efficiently.

    My writing skills have changed a lot more because I have been practicing and trying my best with the weekly discussions we have in class. I was never a huge fan of writing, but after taking this class, I now know more of what I am suppose to do so it makes it a little easier. Never say never! I believe I am on the eight path that will lead me to be a successful writer. My goal is of course to be the best I could be as a future employer.

    All the best,
    Mary Markusic

  3. Good evening Professor Young,

    In this class, I have learned a lot. It is not only how much I have learned, but how useful what I’ve learned is. This class taught me things that are not only immediately useful, but also useful and practical in everyday life. It is the quality, not just the quantity of information that I learned. I loved the variety of information as well. We were taught grammar and language usage as well as how to format different things.
    I found it especially useful how we were taught how to format emails, business letters, and memos. I have used this so many times, especially at work but also daily when I send emails. Before I took this class, I didn’t even know that these things required certain formats. I thought they just had to sound professional and use proper grammar. However, now I know that a lot more goes into properly formatting these types of things and it can make all the difference in the business world.
    My grammar has also improved immensely. I thought I knew how to use commas, but after reading the chapter on commas, I realized that there were a lot more rules than I knew how to use. This will forever improve my writing. Overall, this class has made me a much better editor.

    Have a good night,
    Sarah Atassi

  4. Haley Dixon says

    Hello Professor Young,
    This whole semester has helped me tremendously with my writing. I have never been the one who was good at writing and always messed up grammatically. Reading the book and using what I am learning for our discussions and our assignments we have to write has helped me become a better writer. It has been great learning all of the different things that I have had trouble with. Reading others discussions has also helped me understand better on how to use these principles we have learned. Without them and the book, I wouldn’t have all of this knowledge that I have now for my future writing.

    The comments that you leave on our discussions and assignments of what I did great on and what I can improve on have also been very helpful. Without knowing what I can improve on and things that I got wrong, my writing wouldn’t be getting any better like it is. This class has helped me so much and I am enjoying each and every week learning so many new things.

    I would say that I definitely feel a lot different about my writing now. None of my other english classes that I have had throughout the years has taught me as much as this class has. I have noticed that I feel a lot more confident when I am writing and I have never had that feeling before. I always dreaded having to have an english class, but the way that I am learning and what I am being taught makes me look forward to this class each week.

    I don’t think I would be as great as an incurable editor, but I would love to see myself learn new things and try so hard to even come close to being one. English or any writing class has never been a class that I have enjoyed, but after this year and semester, it is the best feeling in the world knowing I am more comfortable and confident in my writing. I am looking forward to the rest of this semester and everything new I will be learning.

    I hope you had an amazing weekend.

    Best wishes,
    Haley Dixon

  5. cassandra perez says

    Hello Professor Young,
    I have told you many times that I didn’t go to the best high school. Most of the concepts that I have learned so far into this semester were all new to me and at the same time, it was a little overwhelming at first. But as time went on I have taken a lot of what I learned into my writing. This is actually one of my favorite classes that I have taken so far because it’s teaching me how to be more professional not just in my writing but in person too. I feel that I am more confident in writing than in my four years in high school. Grammer was something I have a little bit of a struggle with but taking the time to read and look at how I’m writing and learning how everything should be I do see that it’s improving.
    I can say that do see a difference in my writing now, it might not be a big difference but I have taken your comments into consideration and I read every comment that my classmates have posted under my discussions. Learning the different formatting for things I thought was going to be difficult but I was wrong. I do know for some of my formattings it might not have been the best because sometimes I have confused myself but I do see my mistakes when being pointed out. Not mention that I have always hated when someone pointed out my mistakes because I felt like I didn’t really know what I was talking about but now I have opened my eyes and saw that it’s not a negative thing. When people tell me what I’m doing wrong it’s teaching me how I can improve or show me the right way of how I was supposed to do it.
    Overall, I have truly enjoyed all the assignments that we have done because it’s teaching me how I shouldn’t dread writing at all. I just have to keep practicing and be more confident and see how writing can actually be really fun. I can’t wait to see what’s next as the semester goes on in this course.
    Cassandra Perez

  6. Cisely LeBron says

    Hello Professor Young,

    As we continue to navigate through this semester, I’ve noticed that I have been learning much more about the basics of writing. As I’ve said before in my discussion posts, my other English courses didn’t teach us about formatting. So this is all new to me.

    I can say that writing is my favorite thing to do whether it be for an assignment or just for fun. I find that I write when I’m stressed. So I guess you can say its my way of letting things go? I have a hard time expressing my feelings to others verbally, so when I feel the need to do that I typically write it out. It has been very helpful thus far! A lot of the time when I see the assignments we have to do I get nervous because I know my writing isn’t the best, but It will get better soon.

    I am confident that by the end of the semester I will have a better understanding of how to format my writing, as well as holding a professional conversation. In order to achieve this I know that I’ll have to put more effort into my writing, which isn’t a problem!

    I am very grateful for the corrective critism that you give after every discussion. It’s nice knowing that you aren’t just another professor who doesn’t care. Thank you for that! I look forward to the remainder of this semester.

    Cisely LeBron

  7. Isabella Kowalczyk says

    Hi Professor Young,

    I have noticed that each discussion reminds me of how important correct grammar is and how easy it is to make a mistake when writing. I am learning how to spot my mistakes when writing and feel more confident in my ability to write professionally. Before this course, I had never written a complaint or denial letter. In hopes of being successful in the business world, I believe that the assignments we do in this class greatly benefit my knowledge and ultimately my future. I feel like I am expanding my skill set and becoming a better writer each week.
    I believe that my attitude towards writing has stayed the same; I was looking forward to taking a writing class and I approach each week’s assignments with enthusiasm. Writing has always been an outlet for me, creatively or emotionally. This class has taught me that each aspect of writing, such as grammar or the setup of a business letter, is equally important.
    Although my writing will never be perfect, I think that it is definitely improving. Each discussion and assignment helps me feel more confident about my own writing style and shows me where I still have room for improvement. I am looking forward to the rest of the semester and learning more valuable writing skills.

    Best wishes,
    Isabella Kowalczyk

  8. Justina Mannino says

    Hello Professor Young,

    This course has been eye opening. I have really enjoyed your feedback as well as the feedback I have received from peers. I will admit, I do not necessarily care for writing. I often find it as more of a chore, unless I am doing a form of creative writing. When I am able to express myself in words without specific guidelines I do much better.

    Overall, I have learned a lot from this course. I have perfected a few errors I used to make as well as gained more insight into principles I still need to work on. Some information has surprised me and some information I was already aware of. I do find myself going back over my writing more and more as we go deeper into the semester. I check my punctuation the most and I constantly question my comma usage. I also make sure I am not saying too much in a situation where I should say less.

    I can not say that my attitude towards writing has changed. What I can say is that I have learned a lot of valuable information from this course. I use the information in my other writings as well and not just in this class. I appreciate all of the feedback and I look forward to the rest of the semester.

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

    All my best,

  9. Serena Thormann says

    Hello fellow writers,

    I find myself using every principle I have learned in this course throughout my daily activities. For instance, as someone who moderately texts, I find myself wanting to type out complete sentences and include the appropriate punctuations. I am also trying to use gender-neutral pronouns, especially when I have a verbal conversation with someone. By doing so, I am not just staying true to the Golden Rule; but, I am also implementing the Platinum Rule because it is only fair to treat them how they want to be treated.

    Every time I create a response or message, I notice how different my writing is compared to when I first started this course. In other words, I see my progression, and it excites me. When we first started the semester, I knew I was afraid of feedback because it made me insecure about my writing. However, my mindset changed entirely over the past couple of weeks. When I receive feedback from my peers and professor, I can only hope to learn and grow from those comments. Furthermore, I appreciate those who leave a comment under my posts because it makes me feel like I helped somehow– no matter the size of the assist, it is always worth it.

    As of now, I believe I am headed in the direction of an incurable editor. Even though I feel enthusiastic about my writing, if I continue to stick to Professor Young’s books’ principles, I will surpass those feelings.

    All the best,


  10. Rasha Siddiqui says

    Hello Professor Young,

    As I work through this course, I notice that I am learning the basic formatting skills necessary in professional writing. Prior to this course, my skills were not too bad. I am now confident in many skills such as comma placement, punctuation, and drafting and formatting request, denial, and apology letters.

    I was never one to enjoy writing. Throughout my undergraduate career, I avoided taking any writing classes expect those that were required. After taking this course, my perspective on writing has altered drastically. I learned to not take every single assignment so seriously and overthink. The assignments pushed me to express my creative side. I learned to enjoy writing as it served as an outlet to express my thoughts and ideas. With each new assignment, I was less hesitant and more confident.

    I am unsure as to whether I would become an incurable writer. Although, I believe that with more practice and experience with writing I may be on the path to becoming one. In order to stay on this path, I need to continue writing despite not being in this course.

    I truly enjoy the uplifting commentary you give me on assignments in that it motivates me to want to continue writing. I look forward to continuing the semester in this course.


    Rasha Siddiqui