Becoming an Incurable Editor

What are you learning and how are your skills changing: What have you learned about editing? What are some tools and techniques you use when you edit? Are you on the road to becoming an incurable editor?


  1. Dionna Monroe says

    Hello Professor Young,

    I am slowly learning the process and strategies of writing. It takes lots of practice of becoming a good writer. I learned that the tone and structure of my document is very important. The tone is the feeling the reader has while reading the document. Writing can also be interpreted as having a condescending, sincere, formal, professional, and strict tone (just to name a few). Keeping my sentences concise, clear, and understandable helps me edit my document. Deleting redundant words and using correct punctuation helped the context of my document become clear and understandable. Having parallel structure is also important. Parallel structure is utilizing the same pattern of words and ideas to express the same level of importance. I learned to set aside an amount of time each day to edit as well. This helps me to develop cohesive ideas. I believe that I am on the road to becoming an incurable editor. Giving myself encouragement to practice helps me become a great editor and writer.

    Best regards,

  2. Allyssa Mihal says

    Hello Professor Young.
    After learning about having to take another advanced writing course, I was upset. I felt like I wasted my money on my previous advanced writing courses that Indiana University Northwest did not accept as a transfer, but I still persevered. Every week is a new challenge that advances my skills and builds on previously learned knowledge.

    I have learned that you should always edit your work after you write it. If you are constantly revising your work as you are writing, you will lose your train of thought. I have found my work to be more fluent by waiting five minutes and then critiquing the work. After writing, act as if you did not write the paper and you are your audience. This will help the message be conveyed better by understanding where the audience is coming from. Keeping your work concise and to the point is also a huge factor in keeping your audience engaged.

    There is always room for improvement, and constructive criticism is very important for refining your skills. Participating in the discussion and having peers revise my work has helped immensely. The peers have been able to point out what I missed or concepts I did not fully grasp and explain it further. Having their feedback has been very helpful to work on my writing skills. Some tools I have taken from the discussion is to concisely and clearly discuss my thoughts, use proper adverbs, and use proper conjunctions. These tools have helped relearn old skills and be more conscious of simple errors that affect writing style on a larger scale.

    Becoming an incurable editor is a process that happens over time. It has been a couple of years since I have taken an advanced writing course, so I am relearning many skills. This class has improved my writing skills and has given me the tools to advance them further. I look forward to eventually becoming an incurable editor.

    All the best,

    Allyssa Mihal

  3. Emilia Goreski says

    Hello everyone,

    I feel that I have learned so much in this class thus far. My writing has improved so much and I feel that I am continuing to grow with my writing as we move along. At first, I was quite skeptical about this class, and just how well I was going to do because I had never been the best writer in the bunch throughout high school. I never thought that once class could change how I write so much to the point where I am surprised with myself. This class has truly taught me to not be afraid of what I write and to just go with the flow.

    I have learned so many new things and how to improve my editing, ranging from how to properly use commas, and semicolons to working on how to edit as I write. I had always been the type of person to edit my paper at the very end instead of editing while I write. Through each chapter, there is so much to learn about that it can seem life-changing. In a way for me, it seems life-changing because I know that what I learn now will soon be used in my future workplace, and I’ll be able to apply it to my everyday work. The one thing that I learned that I think will be most helpful for me from now on would be how to properly format my papers and professional documents. I think that this will be of most help for now within my classes in college considering we are always writing papers, and working on research.

    There are lots of tools and techniques that I have adapted to using within my writing. Mostly, I feel that I use the technique of editing my paper after I finish writing it. As I have mentioned before I feel like this is the most helpful technique for me because it is something that I really need to work towards, otherwise edit as I write and I lose focus of the main point that I am trying to get at. It really puts writing into perspective when you have to make sure you are using the correct tools to make sure your writing can make sense.

    By using all of these different tools and techniques I really do feel that I am on the road to becoming an incurable editor. Although I still feel that I am going to need more work and practice, I am on the right track. The more I practice my writing and editing skills the easier it will before me to adapt to becoming an incurable editor. Overall I think that this class is the perfect start on the road to becoming an incurable editor and that it perfectly prepares each student to become a great writer and editor.

  4. Brooj Malik says

    Hello Professor Young,

    When my advisor told me I had to take Professional Writing as a requirement, I was a little hesitant. I have always struggled with writing for as long as I can remember. As a child, I knew I did not have a way with words. That still was the case until I actually engaged in this class.

    This class taught me to not be afraid of what other people will think about my writing. It gave me a sense of confidence and improved my grammar as well. This course has shown me that I can influence the minds of many, and that I may do things a little different from most, but that I can still leave a lasting impression, and do it all with compassion and integrity. I’ve seen the impact writing can have through the various discussion posts we did a s class. The feedback I got from those discussion posts really helped improve my writing skills too.

    As for editing, the professional writing course taught me that as an editor, I made decisions about what content I should accept and what I should decline, in accordance with my mission, values, and editorial guidelines. This course made me think of myself as a gatekeeper when I was editing, which felt really encouraging. Some tools I have started using in this course when I edit is that I do something else first. Before I started using this technique, I still used to be in the frame of mind that I wrote it in. And I found that when I used to be very tired and too close to my ideas, it was very difficult to recognize errors. So now I have started to edit in the morning, when I’m full of energy and my mind is fresh, a day after writing my original piece.

    Another technique of editing I started using was approaching it in phases. Because there are a lot of different things to be on the lookout for when you’re editing, from bad grammar and typos, to jumbled ideas or gaps in information. It did not make sense to me to watch all of those things at once. Therefore, I now edit in 3 phases. The first is when I edit for content and cohesion. I make sure to look for gaps in information and sentences that don’t flow together. In the 2nd phase, I edit for formatting and structure. I look for run on sentences and look for the purpose of my writing. I make sure my content is readable and easy to digest by making sure the format does not flow out of its purpose. In the 3rd phase, I look for the typos and grammatical errors.

    With the editing skills and techniques I mentioned above, I would say I am on the road to become an incurable editor. I believe writing and editing are two things you need the most in your life. Written language skills are an integral part of many positions in almost every industry. That is why I am very thankful for receiving the opportunity to advance my writing and editing skills through this course and its various assignments.

    Best regards,

    Brooj Malik