Editing Skills Tune-Up

What are you learning to help you proofread and edit effectively? What editing tips can you give your readers? As you apply what you are learning, what results are you seeing in your writing?


  1. Marissa Ramos says

    Hello Professor Young,
    I believe that I’m learning a lot of different rules/principles that I’ve never even known existed to help with proofreading and editing. I’ve also learned that it’s very important to edit your work multiple times because you can constantly look right over a mistake and not even notice it. I’ve experienced that plenty of times myself by noticing a spelling error when I read my paper for the third time. I recommend to readers that it’s very important to go over your work and not just read it once, because you’ll notice an error that you didn’t see earlier. I still need improvement on run-on sentences and adapting to new skills that I’ve never been taught in high school. For instance, I never used the APA format because my high school only taught us MLA format. Overall, I enjoy receiving your feedback and tips because they help me out a lot. I think it’s great that you have so many ways to help students improve their writing.

  2. James Morris says

    Hello Professor Young,
    I have learned many things to help edit and proofread effectively. I am really learning that editing and proofreading is very necessary and should be done for every single sentence of a writing. A lot of writings I would submit without relooking over them and trying to find any mistakes i made, even the commonly missed ones. I have learned that editing is really a step by step process. After you have included everything necessary in the writing you should go through it piece by piece making sure every sentence is double, even triple checked for even the smallest error and fixed. This is what i have to recommend to my readers; read through your whole writing multiple times, even look through it line by line because just glaring over it in a few seconds will not show all of the tiny errors you may have that could maybe even jeopardize your writing. I have seen many positives in my writing by editing it thoroughly. I have read through my writings multiple times now to make sure every sentence is correct, which helps make sure the overall result is correct as well.

  3. Andrew Ryan Filipek says

    Hello Professor Young,
    It is really awesome of you to have your own website dedicated to helping students improve their writing. I am learning to proofread properly. I have also learned that peer review is also helpful. It is always good to have more input. If I had to give any tips out, I would have to say to just keep re-reading your writing. It usually sounds better in your head then on paper. After putting all these tools together, I have seen great improvements in my writing as well as knowledge learned throughout the semester.
    Thank you,

  4. Skyler Sell says

    Hi Professor Young,
    Throughout the semester I have learned a lot of tips when it comes to editing and proofreading. I found the books you wrote super useful because they highlighted all the things I was struggling with when writing. I now am able to write everything I’m thinking without pausing to edit. I used to pause in the middle of my sentence to search for a better word than what I used. This way would take forever to get assignments done. Thankfully, I am able to complete assignments in a breeze after following the tips you’ve given me. Something I also used to do was only proofread my writing one time. It is easy to miss mistakes in your own writing because it makes sense to you. I now read it a few times and even have someone else read it to check for mistakes. This is a more effective way of proofreading.

  5. Katelynn Hobson says

    Hello Professor Young,
    This course has helped me improve my writing in so many ways from how to properly write an e-mail, how to write summaries, how to edit my papers and write correct sentences, and so much more. Before I took this class I had no idea how bad my writing skills were, looking at where I was before the class and where I am now I have watched my writing grow so much. I can help other classmates with their writing and help teach them the things I have learned. My eyes are open to looking at writings in a different way and I can now catch errors more quickly. The main thing I have learned from this class that I have had to work on is how to format letters. The main thing you need to remember about formatting letters is making sure you have your document set up with the correct style. You need to have your intro, body, and conclusion. You also need to know which salutations you have to use for each certain type of letter, there are many different types of letters and you have to remember which is which to make sure that you are wording it correctly.
    All the best,
    Katelynn Hobson

  6. Hello Professor Young,
    It’s awesome you give students a chance to earn extra credit! Many of the classes I have taken so far in college, have not given students extra credit. I also think it is awesome you have your own blog! I learn something new everyday taking your class and reading the material in the books for this class. I never realized how many rules there are for writing! I always proofread my writing now, especially when I am writing papers. I make sure all my grammar and spelling is correct. I also try not to procrastinate! When I wait until the last minute, I am rushing to get my assignments done and I tend to make mistakes when I am rushing. I try to finish my assignments ahead of time or get a head start. I also keep track of the common problems I make and my bad habits. If I am commonly misusing a word, I will write it on a sticky note and stick it to the computer I am using at work or I will put the sticky note next to me while I am doing homework on my lap top. When I am writing, I will avoid using grammar filler words and ignore punctuation rules. I am so glad to be learning new things taking this class!

    All the best,

  7. Hello Professor Young,
    I find it so interesting that you not only write your own books but you also have a blog! I have never had a writing class that is as thorough as yours. Throughout this semester we have gone through many things and continue to repeat this things. I like that we go over subjects more than once so it sticks with us better. For this being an online class, I believe I have learned more in your writing class then any other. I have improved on my writing and proofreading significantly. I have become more detailed when I write and my writing also looks more professional. I have learned a lot about writing things such as memos, emails, and letters so they look more professional. I believe this class will help me not only through college, but also in my future career. I want to thank you for everything.
    All the best,

  8. Melena Verduzco says

    Hello Professor Young,
    It’s awesome that you have a blog, and allow students to post and learn from one another too. I have learned a lot from this course so far such as writing different kinds of letters. Learning how to properly use dashes, semicolons, commas, etc. has helped me greatly when I am editing my work. I find myself focusing on punctuation way more often outside of class and I never really did that. I like to read the feedback that you give me after an assignment is turned in. It really helps, and I appreciate all the time you take to reply and help each student. Replying to the feedback helps me too, because I go back into the book and find the right way to do something.
    A few tips for readers would be to reread their work in a quiet place and go into full focus. It is easy to skip over mistakes, so making sure not to skim is important. Hearing your work out loud can help you identify sentences that may sound funny. Lastly, when someone gives you feedback, do not blow it off. listen to what they say because it will most likely hep you better your writing.

    All the best,
    Melena Verduzco

  9. Carley R Haemker says

    Hello Professor Young,
    I want to start off by saying thank you for letting us all be apart of your blog, I really think this is such a great experience and opportunity. I feel that I am learning so much in this class, one of the biggest things that has helped me with editing was re-reading the information more than once. With reading the material more than once if gives you an opportunity to fully understand the information and catch things that you might not have understood on the first time. I also have come to realize that you need to be confident in what you are writing, and let others proof read your work, they might catch some mistakes that you might not have. It also really helps to read your paper aloud while proof reading. I personally feel that my writing is getting better and I am having more confidence in myself with writing. I feel that my grammar, punctuation, and run on sentence use has improved. I really appreciate everything that you have taught me this semester.

    Best Wishes,

  10. Mariam Shatat says

    Hello Professor Young,
    I think it is wonderful how successful you are and amazing how you go above and beyond to help us improve our writing. I was never the best writer and always have struggled with writing. My life is very hectic and wasn’t as cooperative as much as I should have been. I love that the discussions are based on your book because reading the chapter and closing the book helps a lot with understanding the chapter. There were some things that I have been doing wrong that I learned to improve. I wish I put more effort into the class but, I still did benefit from all of the information you have provided for us. Now I am aware with the mistakes I make in my e-mails and writing in general. You have done such an amazing job helping us gain confidence in our writing and not give up. Thank you for all that you do!

  11. Morgan Benson says

    Hello Professor Young,
    From the start of the class I learned so much about writing. Week after week there were many rules and tips I have learned about writing and what habits to keep and what habits I need to get rid of. While comparing the book to my writing, I have learned a lot of rights and wrongs. We have learned everything from how to use punctuation to the right use of words and even how to compose different types of letters and documents. I’ve learned to always proofread and have a checklist so that even if you miss it the first time, you will catch it when you proofread to make sure you have hit all of the points that you need to. I am noticing my writing becoming more well put together. I’ve learned how to punctuate correctly, how to condense my thoughts so I’m not just talking nonsense, and mostly importantly I’ve learned about word usage and how that can really affect how your writing comes across the reader. I think this course has put me on the right track to becoming the writer I want to be and I am excited to keep learning more to better my writing!

  12. Kaylin Keilman says

    Hello Professor Young,

    One of the biggest takeaways from this course so far has been the ability to write clearly and concisely. I do not have conviction when I write because of my lack of confidence. This inability has caused my sentences to sound awkward and wordy. I am learning to cut out words like “maybe” and “probably” and will catch myself backspacing countless unnecessary content. One tip that helps me is to go back and highlight all of the adjectives in my sentences and only keep the ones that are vital to the information given. Strides have been made in my fluency and consistency, and I’m thankful for that.



  13. Robin Ybarra says

    Hi Professor Young,
    Over the past few months, I have learned a great deal about the rules surrounding business communication and composing letters and e-mails. The information that we have covered so far has provided reminders to information that I already knew and an introduction to information that I had never learned. I feel that my editing skills have improved and that I am becoming a more confident writer. Thanks for your help.

    All the best,

  14. Melissa Bunk says

    Hi Professor Young,

    Editing has always been a chore for me because I would refer to myself as a “skimmer.” I like to skim the reading first and then return back for the full read. Unfortunately, this causes my brain to read words as I think they are intended instead of what is really written.
    I have found your class to be very helpful is making me rethink my editing techniques. Each chapter has allowed me to break down each grammar, punctuation and business communication rule. Attacking this in small sections has helped improve my editing and writing skills in just a few short weeks. I know find myself editing work email and letters to see if they are using the proper format.
    I received a letter from one of my customers and she used the proper business format. It is rare for me to see that and I gave her a call to joke with her on how impressed I was.

    Thank you for your continued writing encouragement and advice,


  15. Dana Darman says

    Hi Professor Young,
    I have always enjoyed writing. I thought that I was pretty good at punctuation and editing, but I am now learning that I have been making several mistakes. It is great that I am now able to recognize my errors and correct them. The places where I have been making errors are: using a colon after a greeting a business message, using a greeting and closing for all emails, and improving the overall tone of correspondence. In the past, I would edit as I write papers, and I now realize that is not the best practice. All of this is a work in progress, but I think I am going in the right direction.
    It is really neat that you wrote the textbooks that we are using. You are very passionate about writing and it shows. Thanks for your guidance. I am happy with all that I have learned in your class so far.

  16. Karina Martinez says

    Hi Professor Young,
    Throughout this course I have learned a lot about my writing and how to improve it effectively by proofreading and editing properly. I now more aware of certain reoccurring mistakes in my writing because you pointed them out and taught me how to improve them. I have learned to read my work aloud and slowly to catch errors such as grammar or misspelling. It’s important for me to make sure my work flows and by proofreading carefully I can make sure I do so. While proofreading my work I check for repeated words or phrases because I don’t want my work to sound repetitive and boring. A few tips for the readers are read through the writing a few times carefully and don’t be afraid to let others read/critique your writing. Other people view our writing differently than we view our own and that a good thing because it gives our writing variety. I have seen great results from this class that I can use now and in the future. I have learned to keep it short with sentence length. Writing isn’t about how long a text is but how the reader understands the message. I used to think it was best to explain as much as possible but that often leads to confusion. I have also learned to control the tone of my writing as it may be unclear to the reader. Thank you for making me understand what writing is all about and how to properly use all the skills I have learned!
    Best regards,

  17. Casey Barber says

    What are you learning to help you proofread and edit effectively? What editing tips can you give your readers? As you apply what you are learning, what results are you seeing in your writing?

    Hi Professor Young,

    The last few months I have earn a lot about perfecting my writing skills. I have learned the different style of proofreading and I have identified my style of proofreading. For other readers I would remind them to always reread whatever you are writing, even if it is not in a formal or professional setting. I have made a mental note to do this and I have caught some major things before submitting different types of documentation.
    I have noticed since applying many of the skills that I am learning that my writing sounds more professional and it has also given me more confidence in my writing.

  18. Nicole Costello says

    Hi Professor Young,
    The first thing that I learned to proofread and edit more effectively is re-read the writing multiple times. You also shouldn’t edit while you write, because you’ll forget what wanted to write next. Something that also helped me a lot was to print out a copy of my paper. This made it easier for me to read the paper multiples and highlight what needed to be changed. Once I have made the changes, I would ask a friend to read it and check for any punctuation errors, misspelled words, run-on sentences, etc. From doing this method I have for sure made my writing more concise, and stronger.

    All the best,

  19. Kaleigh Passe says

    As a writer, I have always known my biggest weakness was in my spelling and grammatic errors. Within the past weeks, I have rebuilt my strategies and returned to some basic (and juvenile) techniques. Although my vocabulary has expanded, my knowledge of letter choice has not. I began by compiling a list of words I knew I struggled with regularly. I then checked for the correct punctuation, and physically wrote out the word with its correct spelling multiple times. While I generally compose written pieces using Microsoft Word, which catches many of my spelling errors, sometimes it cannot. This is another example of when a word would be added to my list, and written multiple times.

    When I am finished writing a piece, I will typically spend some time away from the piece before submitting it. When I return to my written work, I reread my writing, and follow up with reviewing it one sentence at a time from end to beginning. Doing this allows me an opportunity to see how the structure of the sentence stands alone. I have gained many skills over the past few weeks, but some of these details and work techniques have shown themselves worthwhile for me.

    All the best,
    Kaleigh Passe

  20. Kaylee Wireman says

    Hi all,
    As of right now I am currently trying to improve my business letters. Throughout the course of this semester I have learned that a professional business letter requires a colon after the salutation. I have also learned that this is the most formal way to format, and very crucial when composing a business letter. Being professional in a workplace is very important, especially after obtaining a degree.
    With that said, an editing tip I can give everyone is to focus on the little details. Before this class I would just reread my business letters once or twice. Writing to important people in a workplace can be stressful, and at times dreadful. However, until you get comfortable with your writing skills, it is best to focus on each individual sentence. Focusing on capitalization, commas, wording, tone, etc., is very important. Focusing on these little details may prevent future confusion from the recipient.
    The more I practice my editing skills, the easier writing gets. I have found myself becoming more confident when sending e-mails back to my bosses. With these newly found confidence, my work ethic has also improved!
    Thanks to Professor Young, I have improved my professional writing skills greatly in just ten weeks!

    Best regards

  21. Samantha Holmes says

    Hello Professor Young,
    I loved figuring out that you have a blog as well as the books. I think that it is amazing that we are using the books written by you; sense it is an online course it is almost as if we have one on one help with you. I will admit that other English classes just had me do readings and only write papers. But this course actually has taught me to proofread and really critical think when I am writing and posting. I believe my writing has gotten better and it has become somewhat easier for me. I know taking this class will have helped me with my upcoming college course.
    Thank you,
    Samantha Holmes

  22. Jaqueline Vega says

    Hello Professor Young,
    I was intrigued when I first found out that we would be using books written by our own professor! Taking your course has helped my writing skills develop in ways that I never thought they would. A common mistake I used to make was was correcting my mistakes as I wrote. This caused me to lose my train of thought and it made my writing process longer than it should be. Now, I make sure to write everything down first and then go back to correct my mistakes. Something interesting that I learned from taking your course that I never knew before is that the amount of sentences one has in a paragraph matters. Before, I would always write on and on without even paying attention to the amount of sentences I was writing. I realized that doing this caused
    redundancy and confusion for the readers. Now that I have limited my sentences to eight sentences per paragraph, it has helped me focus more on the main points and be more cautious in not using redundant words. Taking your course has helped me gain knowledge that I am able to carry on and use in other classes. My grades have improved due to me being able to properly cite using APA style and use appropriate punctuation marks such as commas, colons, and hyphens. I have also become more comfortable when it comes to writing e-mails. When I had a question for a professor, I would tell my sister to type out the e-mail because I did not know the appropriate format or what I should include in the e-mail. Now, I am able to write them out on my own without getting help. An editing tip I can give readers is to always proofread your work. Having two other people proof read your work will be even more helpful because they will be able to catch any mistake you missed, and they will give you productive feedback.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping me become a better writer.

    All the Best,

  23. Islam Amara says

    Hello Professor Young,
    I was very interested in knowing that you have a blog! I never was able to truly say that I have advanced my writing skills before until I took your course. I am very cautious of how I word my sentences and how I set my tone to the reader. My writing has become more professional than ever before. I always keep your feedback in mind for the next time I begin to write. I also find it easiest to try my best to write the first time and then proofread my writing afterward. This helps me catch any errors I may have done and can help me better enhance my writing. There is always improvement to writing, and it is never perfected on the first try. Keeping that in mind, helps me to improve instead of perfecting the writing on the first try and not editing. Having a good, well-written paper makes me feel good and lets me see how I have drastically improved my writing from previous experiences. The more I write, the more I get better. Writing is definitely a process, but it is so helpful once you have the basics mastered!

  24. Kaitlyn Yates says

    Hi all,

    I am learning to look for redundancy in my writing as well as words that exaggerate meaning (such as “very,” “so,” “just,” “really,” etc.). I also have a better understanding of comma and semicolon usage. Semicolons used to terrify me, but now I find myself using them often.
    I think the best advice I can give to other writers is that you should always write everything, even if it doesn’t fit or feels redundant. After all your thoughts are written out, you then can make cuts to things that do not belong.
    I am seeing a huge improvement in fluency throughout my papers, not only in this class, but also in other classes. I also am finding better words to use so that they sound as important as they are, instead of using exaggerating words. Outside of writing, I have improved my communication skills based off the topics we have learned in class. The biggest takeaway from this class so far is how to actively listen; this has helped me in personal relationships as well as improving my sales at work. Thanks for your knowledge Professor Young!

    All the best,

  25. Bryan Keyon Hatami says

    Hello Professor Young,
    I really appreciate the chance to receive extra credit. Throughout this class, I have picked up a few different tricks to improve my proofreading. The first thing I learned was how helpful proofreading really is. I used to never proofread my work because I did not think it was necessary. As I learned in this class most mistakes are found when proofreading. Coming into this class my grammar was not the best. After going through chapters in the book my knowledge on grammar has grown extensively. I have learned when to use colons and semicolons. I finally understand how to use commas correctly. My knowledge of grammar has continued to grow as the class continues. This level of basic; yet, necessary information that is being taught in this class is extremely helpful to students like me who need help with their grammar but are too shy to ask. Being in this class has helped my performance in other classes and I would like to thank you for that. As a student, I want to learn only information that will help me in the future and I got exactly this in this class.

  26. Kaitlyn Richwalski says

    Hello Professor Young,
    I think its awesome you have your own website to help others improve on their writing. I am learning that in order to help me make edits and proofread effectively, I have to re-read my writing multiple times. Some things I can catch on the first read, and others I might catch on the second read. This will overall help me make less errors when writing. I can give readers the tip that also having other people read your work will help get a different perspective. They can not only help you with errors, but as well as the structure of it. Because of these results, I am improving my writing. My writing is having less errors, and is making more sense. I seem to have less run-on sentences, and are braking sentence down so there more clear. Overall, thank you for what you have taught me this semester.