Pulling It All Together

This semester, we covered diverse topics from punctuation and formatting to team building and getting a job. You learned how to produce letters, memos, and e-mail. What were your favorite topics? How have your skills and thinking changed? In short, what did you learn and how are you using it?


  1. Leo Keener says

    This class has been really great and I enjoyed writing and honing my writing skills. My favorite topic was grammer and punctuation. I feel like I learned a lot more, and I learned how to evaluate my own writings better. I am definitely going to use the skills I learned here in my future courses. I learned more about APA writing, which I noticed is used more in college than MLA. Overall I think this course was very informative on things I’ll be using in my professional career.

  2. Leo Keener says

    My favorite topic was grammer and punctuation. I feel like I learned a lot more, and I learned how to evaluate my own writings better. I am definitely going to use the skills I learned here in my future courses. I learned more about APA writing, which I noticed is used more in college than MLA. Overall I think this course was very informative on things I’ll be using in my professional career.

  3. Alexis Christlieb says

    My favorite part of this course was that the assignments we completed could be translated into real world skills that are applicable to current workplaces and future careers. I felt that all of the information we learned in class and the assignments we completed optimized the skills we were being taught. I enjoyed sending the process messages each week, because I felt that they were my time to share my progress on skills taught in class, and information I felt that I needed to share. This class provided me with a structured way of approaching APA formatted papers and better prepared me for submitting important formatted documents, such as my BSW application to the social work program at Indiana University Northwest.

  4. Kimimela Cornejo says

    My favorite topics were learning about leadership qualities, writing a complaint to a company, and rejecting a complaint. I found it interesting that one week the assignment was to convince a company to give us a discount on items that passed the return date and the next week we were to reject ourselves. Basically writing from the viewpoint of the customer and then from the viewpoint of the employee. The other assignments gave me an idea as to what would be expected to write in my future career, which gives me peace of mind since there is some example that I can look back on.

  5. Kaitlyn Moore says

    My favorite topics were all of the letters and different writing assignments we had to do this semester. I haven’t done that much writing in a very long time and some of the information was a refresher of things I already knew, but some was new information that has helped me further my writing abilities. My skills have definitely improved since the beginning of this course and I can clearly see the difference from the different writing assignments I submitted. I learned many thing from punctuation to how to e-mail professionally with others. I think the biggest impact was the professional business letters I learned to create. Later in life I will need this knew information in my field of education and to hopefully get a great job down the road.

  6. JD Pieczul says

    Over the course of this past spring semester I have truly gained so much knowledge through this class, and especially through reading the chapters in the book! My favorite book that we used in this course was the business and communications book that we had to have for this course. I loved reading this book, and the knowledge it provided to me, not only was all the information broken down nicely, it allowed me to applicate this knowledge I’ve learned into real life situations, especially the resume building and communications skills I’ve learned while talking to an employer. I have recently used my resume to obtain a job that I’ve been wanting for a while, and with the knowledge learned from this course I was bale to do so. Not to mention all the APA formatting for the countless papers I will have to write in the future. Thanks for everything’s !!!

  7. Jessica Cunningham says

    My favorite topic this semester was email composition and formatting. I think I enjoyed this topic the most because I have to use this form of writing the most in my profession and for school. With these pandemic and my work being put on pause, I’ve had to use more email correspondence. Most of my emails are professional so the knowledge I’ve gained has aided my writing ability. My sentence structure has improved along with my grammar and comma usage. My thinking or attitude towards writing has improved a lot. I am now confident in my compositions and formatting abilities. I have learned so much but it has been applied mostly to email correspondence and writing research papers for my classes.

  8. Olivia Pilarski says

    My favorite topics from this semester were positive feedback, memos, and formatting APA style papers. I enjoyed the chapters on teamwork and giving positive feedback to others the most, because I can continue to use this in my job field. I think that constructive criticism can be used in everyday life and in writing. I also was glad to learn more about memos and APA format, because these skills can be important in different professional writing settings in all types of careers. I know that in my career I will have to write reports and occasionally send emails to other employees. By learning all of these skills I will be more confident in my writing for my career.

  9. Joshua M. Telles says

    My favorite topics we went over in class has to be the team building and leadership chapters. With the new skill set i’ve acquired taking this course, i’m now able to confidently initiate, reply and conduct professional e-mails within my workplace. Taking this class not only helped me write better but also helped me find my core purpose of my writing and helped me remind myself what I do this all for; my family. Understanding how a leader conducts themselves whether it be in e-mail or in person can really show their experience and their core values.

  10. Lexington Harris says

    My favorite was learning how to do different types of letters. I enjoyed the assignments and I think that topic will really help me in the future. My skills have improved greatly. Coming into this class I was using commas wrong and did not really know how to format correctly. Now going out I can quickly spot mistakes. I am also able to use commas correctly and semicolons. Just about everything I learned during this class I will be applying to my future. Although APA format and the correct way of writing emails will be the two things, I apply the most. Up until this class I had been using email in an informal way and I am glad I now know how to be formal. I had not really used APA formatting until last semester. By the time you’re in college you should be able to know how. I had been using MLA in high school instead. This course was very helpful in learning APA format. There was clear steps and instructions in how to. What I liked the most about the class was I feel like it built me up slowly. When the assignments like the letters came around it was not so hard because by then I had known the basics. I will take a lot from this class and apply it to my future.

    • Caroline Scheidt says

      Professor Young,
      First off, I just wanted to thank you for putting together such an enjoyable, organized, and educational class. I have learned so much from this course. When I graduate, I want to become a teacher. I know that I will be using e-mail primarily, in my work. This was the topic I found most interesting, during the course. I really enjoyed learning all about how to properly format an e-mail. It was shocking how much I was doing wrong before. This was an eye-opening experience and I am so thankful to have learned so much about something I will use every day, in my future career. My favorite assignment was a mock resume. Learning how to properly format a resume was extremely enjoyable and educational. I am looking forward to using these skills in the future. Buying your Business Communication and Writing textbook was the best decision ever. It is FULL of great information and skills for writing and formatting documents. I am going to continue to work on my writing skills and become the best writer I can be. This class has motivated me in a way no class ever has before.
      Thank you!

  11. Ramez Eskandar says

    Hello Everyone,
    I really enjoyed taking this class. From this class, I learned a lot of writing techniques as well as important formatting information that we are all going to need in any career. when you are applying for a job and responding to emails. So, I am very pleased with the results I have got. I truly learned a lot of things from this class. And I am very happy about What I accomplished.

  12. Ramez Eskandar says

    Hello Everyone,
    I really enjoyed taking this class. From this class, I learned a lot of writing techniques as well as important formatting information that we are all going to need in any career. when you are applying for job and responding to emails. So, I am very pleased with the results I have got. I truly learned a lot of things from this class. And I am very happy of What I accomplished.

  13. Joelle Kelley says

    During the course this semester I learned so much. Professor Young helped me improve my writing skills in all aspects. Because of this course I not know how to correctly format and space different writing prompts. I would say my favorite part of this course was Week 6: Office Communications. I think that this week helped me be prepared for a real career because I now know better ways to communicate in a working environment. We learned about e-mail, business letters, memos, faxes, and voicemails. Although this was the section that stuck out to me most I learned so much in this class. I never felt that the topics were pointless because each chapter I read or wrote something new. Usually English classes make me feel that I have not learned anything or I dread the work but this English course was actually the opposite. I looked forward to the work and chapters of new topics. The directions were always clear and I understood what Professor Young wanted in the assignment. I always made sure to look at the comments she would leave on my assignments because they pointed out my mistakes and gave me tips on how to improve the next week. Looking at my work from the beginning of the course to the work at the end, I see huge progress and a major difference in the way that I write. I would definitely recommend this course to others taking W231.

  14. Shaye Ericson says

    Everything I learned in this course has benefitted me in so many ways that I can continue to use as I get older. One of my favorite topics was learning about the new APA 7th Edition, this was something I had no previous knowledge of and found it extremely interesting how the only difference between the 7th edition and the 6th edition is how you reference. At first, I had no idea how to reference a singular person until I looked deep into the instructions of the textbook and learned how to properly write it out. Another thing that benefitted me was learning how to correctly create a resume and follow up letters, although I won’t have to create follow up letters for a few years it definitely helps to know what to do now.

  15. Marija Bajmakoska says

    My overall favorite topics we discussed were emails and letters. I am glad I took this course because I learned so much about professional writing and how to properly compose an email, business letter, APA format, etc. My writing skills have definitely improved and I notice it in my current writing and my other classes I am taking. After completing the core values assignment and leadership module my thinking has changed. I see myself differently and also my future differently after learning about my priorities and what is most important to me at this time. I also learned how important writing is and many jobs rely on writing for effective communication. This class taught me a lot and I will use the knowledge and skills I have gained in the future.

  16. Ashleigh Wiatrowski says

    Hello everyone,

    We all learned a lot this semester. My favorite sections were the ones regarding teamwork and APA formatting. The APA formatting was something I struggled in before this class. I have improved but I feel like I can continue to improve. My thinking in regards to writing has changed. I start with a loose draft to convey my ideas, then edit and revise until I am happy. This has made writing less stressful. The thing I will continue to work on is perfecting my APA formatting and grammar in general.

    It has been great to build our skills off each other in these discussions. I hope you all have a great summer.


  17. Mackenzie Burton says

    I would say some of my favorite topics included how to write e-mails, and memos. The section about interviewing was also one of my favorites. My skills and thinking has changed because I no longer stop in the middle of typing when I mess up, I go back afterwards to edit. I have learned that this helps you to not lose your train of thought. Another thing I have learned and that I am trying to apply is not starting every sentence off with the letter “I”.

  18. Mackenzie Burton says

    I have learned several different things over the course of this semester. Some of the things I have learned includes making sure you have an intro, body, and a paragraph when typing out something. Another thing I have learned is to use a semi-colon when typing out a letter, rather than a comma. Along with this there have been many principles I have learned such as; applying commas, run on sentences, and so on.
    My skills have improved little by little, but they still aren’t the best. I hope to continue my education on writing to be able to become a more advanced writer. My thinking has changed when I write because I used to start every sentence off with the letter “I”. Now I try and make sure I don’t do that, which can be challenging at times. Some things I hope to improve on is my placement of commas, my vocabulary, and being able to get right to the point. I would say some of my favorite topics included how to write e-mails, and memos. The section about interviewing was also one of my favorites.

  19. Rebecca McComas says

    I loved learning how to properly format letters, emails, memos, etc. These were my favorites because I truly was not good at formatting any of my papers. The book that we used was such a tremendous help. By taking this course my formatting skills have gone up. I know am aware of when to use what types of formats and when I should. I plan on using the information that I have learned throughout this course in the future. I know that in the future I will have to use at least one of the things that I learned in this class.

  20. Katelyn Kowalik says

    I have learned so much from this semester. There were many topics that we covered that will definitely help from now on. Learning how to properly format was one that really helped. I use email a lot in my current job, and learning how to format it correctly has been really beneficial. I enjoyed doing the different assignments throughout the semester, especially the different types of follow-up letters, the resume and the cover letter. My thought process has changed when writing. Writing used to be intimidating but now it’s not so bad because of the different material we learned.

  21. Kila Stoudt says

    Hi everyone,
    This semester was great, there were so many informing things from week one until the very last assignment. There were of course things I was confused on at times but those are the things I am still going to work towards. A lot of the writing assignments that were assigned I have never even heard of, so there were a lot of new things thrown my way but I know they will only help me in the future. Now when I am writing or I am viewing someone else write I notice things and rules that this class taught me that I never even thought to think of before this class. Writing is not easy, this class didn’t make it easy but it for sure made it easier. I would like to push myself to keep learning about APA format and some of the other required formats that I just did not quite get.

  22. Amaya Wagner says

    This class has been one of the most beneficial courses I have taken throughout my school career. It has drastically improved my writing, literature, and grammar skills through the numerous discussions and writing assignments. I’m sad it’s coming to an end, but I hope to keep working hard to improve my writing as the semesters continue to pass.

    Some of my favorite topics of this course were the leadership chapters and discussions as well as the Writing Interview assignment. I loved doing the exercises to find out my leadership qualities and give me insight on what I needed to do a better job at. It showed me what businesses are looking for when they want to hire someone to work at their company as well as understand that writing and being a good communicator are essential characteristic of being a good leader.

    However, the Writing Assignment will always be my favorite even though it required me to do the most work. I had never done APA format before so it took time and research to make sure my formatting was correct, but I didn’t mind having to learn because I knew this format would be needed for other classes. Now I feel much better with this new style and enjoy writing with it more than MLA. Also, it was fun talking to my mom and learning what she does every day in her job since this was something that always interested me as well.

    The principles that have stuck most with me are the punctuation rules as well as the business writing style. Before, I would use commas way too often because I wasn’t sure where to put them, so I put them each time there was a pause in the writing which according to the book, was wrong. Now, I think of the rules before placing a comma or other punctuation marks like semicolons.

    The business writing style has also become something I use often, especially when it comes to e-mailing teachers or other important figures. I make sure to include my salutation as well as a closing, and instead of writing in long paragraphs, I make sure to break them up and start a new one each time my topic of conversation switches. This allows my writing to be more precise and easier to read and I prefer reading writing this way much more than a lengthy paragraph.

    My thinking on writing has drastically changed as this course has progressed. Before, I was never confident with my writing and would turn it in, so it was over instead of taking the time to proofread and know that what I was turning in was something I was proud of. Now, I make sure all of my writing has been proofread, even if it is a single discussion comment on one of my classmate’s post. My confidence and passion for writing has increased immensely now that we are nearing the course of the semester.

    Though I have improved on many aspects of writing, the biggest thing I need to continue to work on is cutting down the length of my writing. For assignments, most often my comment for improvement would be to cut out excess material that was not needed. For business writing especially, writing needs to be clear and concise so the reader understands and can quickly follow what is being said, so I will continue to do my best to cut out inessential parts when proofreading.

  23. Kaitlin Doud says

    For me, the two largest take-aways from this course (and favorite topics) were making my writing more concise and using the You perspective, instead of the I perspective. When I returned to the initial cover letter that I wrote in the beginning of the semester, the tone of that letter was self-centered because I was frequently using the I perspective. After making adjustments to the You perspective, the letter sounds more professional. Additionally, I learned how to make writing more concise by properly using commas and eliminating meaningless words. While I previously knew that I should make writing as concise as possible, I was not taught how to actually correct my writing. So, I am thankful that I now understand what adjustments need to be made in order to obtain a better product.
    While writing, my thinking has changed from trying to “sound smart,” by using large words, to communicating information in the most clear and concise way possible. Instead of using large words, I find myself using more simple words to make communication more efficient. The assignments that were most beneficial to evolve my thinking were the cover letter, resume, and follow-up letters. When searching for a job in the future, I will refer back to the concepts we learned while completing these assignments, to ensure I am presenting a future employer with my best professional work.
    Overall, I enjoyed taking this course. Reading classmates’ work in discussion posts helped me recognize adjustments that can be made in my own writing. Professor Young did an excellent job of providing timely feedback, allowing me to build my skills from week to week. The skills gained throughout this semester will benefit my writing in years to come.

  24. Angel Coleman-Lark says

    Before starting this course, I really struggled with my writing. All throughout high school teachers would tell me that I was a good writer but I constantly got bad grades on my assignments. I love how Professor Young gives me the proper feedback I need to make my writing better and to become the amazing writer I know I can be. My favorite topic we learned about in this course was “Verbal Communication”. After this course, I can say that I am more aware of how I’m writing. For example, thinking of my comma placement. The biggest take away from this course was how serious it is to have the correct formatting with business letters and papers. I have used my skills from this class in the outside world to help me get my current job. I am very much appreciative of this course.

  25. Lindsey Smith says

    Before taking this class, I struggled with writing professionally and was not sure how to properly format a professional letter. I can now say that I feel confident in correctly formatting a professional letter. For example, I have learned how to properly compose a resume and cover letter. I also learned how to deal with negative feedback. Learning how to correctly compose these three things is extremely helpful to me because I know they are three skills I will need to know how to do in the future. I definitely have learned a lot of useful information from this course that I will continue to use in the future.

  26. Brianna Tigner says

    My favorite topics from this semester were from week 14- networking, interviewing, and core values. I really enjoyed answering my peer’s interview questions, as they are typical job interview questions. This discussion was really beneficial as it helped me refine some potential answers for interviews. Additionally, I also really liked evaluating and ranking the core values. I thought this exercise was really insightful, as we got to think about which core values we are currently working on, and which ones may be important later on in life.

    I learned so many different things this semester! One of the first things that comes to mind is cutting redundant modifiers. Before this class, I hadn’t realized just how many times I was using redundant modifiers. For example, first and foremost was one that I used all the time. There has been several times since learning this skill that I have typed “first and foremost” solely out of habit, and had to replace it with another word. Another principle that I am applying is eliminating empty fillers words such as “like” or “just.” This is another thing that I used to do a lot, especially when just free writing. Now, when editing my papers I will go through and look for those two words specifically to eliminate them. Lastly, another thing I have been applying is cutting out useless information. The week we learned about writing emails, the textbook stated that we should not include useless information that the recipient does not need. This is something I have found myself doing as well. Now, when I type emails, I try to be direct and simplify my emails as much as I can.

    I would like to say that my skills have changed for the better. While I feel that I am no where near perfect, I feel that I am progressing in the right direction. This class has definitely made me more conscious of my writing and feel that I am now editing my papers from a different perspective than before. One of the things that I am going to continue to work on is simplifying my work, and doing some “cutting.” I tend to be a wordy writer, and I am trying to improve on this aspect.

  27. Jaysha Page says

    Every writing assignment I had in this class helped me out a lot with my writing skills. Writing memos was different because I’ve never experienced writing memos until I came to this writing class, now having the knowledge of writing memos was worth it. Even though I had the knowledge of writing letters and e-mails in the past, gaining experience on how to write them better helped me write them differently. Ever since then my letters and e-mails has been set up correctly, single spaced, and spaced down a certain number of times. Setting up paragraphs and being concise helped me write paragraphs better. On the first day, I didn’t feel confident about taking a writing class because I thought I was going to fail, but now I’ve made to the last semester with different writing skills and experiences. My favorite topics I did was the letters, e-mails, memos, and core values I enjoyed those assignments the most.

  28. Madison Torok says

    My favorite topic this semester was learning how to compose and respond to professional letters. At first, learning how to properly compose these documents was challenging, but now it’s become second nature. This class has also helped me accurately format emails! This has come very helpful when communicating with teachers, bosses, and other personnel. Towards the end of the semester, learning about APA formatting was very interesting. I will continue to use these skills throughout my years in college and my future career. When reaching out to individuals, I will know how to properly format documents, emails, etc.

  29. Ashlynn R Wells says

    My favorite topic was learning how to respond to professional letters.The formatting of these letters, once I got the hang of it, made it so much easier to construct. The way you can be as broad as you want because you are not making friends you are getting business done is what makes me enjoy these topics the most. I will continue to use these skills in my future career when I am reaching out to fellow workers or even possible patients.

  30. Amber Camacho says

    My favorite topics were learning how to deal with complaints and teamwork. By taking this course, I have improved on how I format letters, e-mails, and memos and learned the proper way to format a paper in APA style. I plan on using this for my everyday life as an ultrasound technician and while finishing college. I’ll have plenty more papers to write and I plan on using everything I learned from this course to help me.