Becoming an Incurable Editor

You are working intensely to improve your writing skills: What are you learning and how are your skills changing? Do you feel differently about writing? Are you on the road to becoming an incurable editor?


  1. Nicki DeBoer says

    Professor Young,
    I found it interesting the word choice in the title of this blog post/question/prompt. I expected it to say “incurable writer” as that is much of the discussion within the writing world. Rather, the question states “incurable editor.”

    As someone who loves peer-review I was encouraged to know the skills we learn in your class at Indiana University Northwest and anywhere can make us both better writers and editors.

    Grammar and punctuation rules are something I think are something many feel overwhelmed with and thus do not have a good grasp on. There are many of them and at times they are hard to understand. I have wanted for quite sometime to be able to sit down and take the time to comprehend them all, but time in life is short and priorities are many, thus it hasn’t happened. Taking your class at IUN has allowed me and even required me to learn these skills. I think they are valuable.

    I am learning a lot as I go, but I think I need to take time to go back and review them all to ingrain them in my head for good. But as you always tell us, practice and repetition are really what make them stick.

    The skills we are learning indeed make me feel I am improving my editing skills and maybe not changing my style of writing, but hopefully changing (for the better) the detail-oriented quality of it.

    Thank you for everything you have taught us.



  2. Katelyn Wine says

    Hello Professor Young,

    Having not been in any type of formal writing course in over ten years I would say I am learning a lot from this course. I am re-learning how to properly use the different forms of mechanics in my writing. I truly believe this is something that should be taught over and over because without practice they are easily forgotten.

    I have become more conscientous in the format of my writing as well. This mostly includes the usage of putting things in the I perspective for example I feel, I think, and I believe. I have tried really hard to cut these phrases from my vocabulary when working on discussion posts especially. It can be difficult to stick to the facts of writing without purjecting our own opinions. However, it is important to remember that although we might have good opinions they are not always useful in the overall aspect of our writing.

    I most definetly feel different about my writing since starting this course at the beginning of the year. As I stated I know realize more when I am making mistakes within my writing and in turn go back to fix them. One of my biggest struggles in writing is to be able to leave the editing until the end. As I write I am so critical of myself that I have a hard time getting my thoughts out before going back and revising. This course has given me insight into this issue and made me start to try and do things differently as I write. I try to not be as critical until after I get my ideas out onto paper and then go back and revise.

    I am no where close to being an incurable editor, but this course has certainly given me many tools to use in order to head in that direction. Like I previously stated writing courses should be mandatory every semester while in college because writing makes up a large portion of our other course work. Without understanding the fundamentals how can one expect to achieve greatness later on? Everything takes practice and practice means continuosly taking in the same information until you have had the opportunity to master it.

    I look forward to rest of the semester and enjoy all the feedback I receive on my assignments. Thank you professor.

    All the best,

    Katelyn Wine

  3. Michaela Schmidt says

    Hi Professor Young,

    This class has been an intense course that has helped me improve and expand upon my writing skills. I now have newfound knowledge that will help me in the professional world.

    Recently, I have been learning how to format different business documents. I can now properly format and write a complaint letter, a denial letter, an apology letter, an e-mail, a memo, and other documents. I have noticed quite a few changes in my writing when I compose these types of assignments. For starters, I used to try and use fancy, long words, but now I simplify most of my writing to help make it cohesive and clear. I also try and get straight to the point with my writing. I have learned that longer paragraphs are harder to read and are usually skipped over because of the unnecessary information. Finally, I have been able to use different approaches to my writing, such as the direct and indirect approach.

    Due to these various skill changes, I do find myself enjoying writing. I used to dislike it because I would struggle with being able to write something or format it properly; however, through this course, I have found that I am able to write discussions and assignments easier. I rarely struggle with trying to write something and I have been able to format different papers without even having to refer back to the book.

    Now, I do not know if I am on the road to becoming an incurable writer or not. I believe that I will be able to become one if I continue building my knowledge and practicing my writing after this course has finished. If I stop doing this once this course is over, then there is no way I will ever become one. I think I will be one in the future because I do want to continue to expand my knowledge on professional writing to prepare me for my upcoming career.

    Overall, I think this class has improved my writing skills, as well as given me a liking for writing. With this information I am learning and the information I will continue to learn all will help me be on my way to becoming an incurable writer.

    Best regards,

    Michaela Schmidt