Pulling It All Together

This semester, we covered diverse topics from punctuation and formatting to team building and getting a job. You learned how to produce letters, memos, and e-mail. What were your favorite topics? How have your skills and thinking changed? In short, what did you learn and how are you using it?


  1. Ivryona Monroe says

    Hello Professor Young,
    Literally most of the information that we have covered this semester, I have had to apply it within my daily life some way some how. I have used my editing skills within each of my classes this semester, I have used effective substantial responses within each of my online classes, and persuasive communications within my new job as a sales administrator. Although this is a online class, I believe I have learned the most here rather than on campus. Thank you Professor.

    Ivryona Monroe

  2. Lizbeth Esquivel says

    Hello everyone,

    In this class, my favorite topics were writing feedback memo, complaint letter, and interviewing someone from my major. Like I said before, these topics were very relatable now because as working in retail, I already experience a lot of what I am going to deal with in my future job. I really liked the fact that I was challenged to do these letters because it will help me prepare myself and do even better in my career.

    My skills and thinking changed a lot from thinking negatively that I won’t be able to face these challenges to just doing it and learn from my mistakes. Not everyone is perfect in writing, but also not everyone is bad at writing. We just have to challenge ourselves and improve them. I am more determined now to look back to my writings before I even emailed them or submit them. Along with my text messages to my managers, I make sure my messages are proficient, proper language, and format (if necessary).

    I will continue to work on my APA style format because it will be a challenge for me in my career. I get told that it’s a very competitive program but I believe every program is competitive. If anyone can make it so can I. I believe in myself just like everyone else does. I will stop dreaming and make it happen. Thanks for a great semester Mrs. Young, Happy holidays !

    Best wishes,
    Lizbeth Esquivel

  3. Kay Martens says

    Hi class,

    My favorite topics from this semester were learning to write a resume and cover letter. It was hard and kind of frustrating, but I feel like the lessons I learned writing them and editing them are things I carry with me throughout my career. I learned how to format a cover letter and what exactly to include, which is something I didn’t know previously.

    This class has made my skills much better. I feel like I look at my own writing more critically now which is an important skill. It lets me edit things better. It makes my writing stronger, both personal and professional.

    I will continue to work on being more critical with my own writing. I think I still have a long way to go, but this class has given me a good start to this.

    Thank you for this semester!


  4. Aaron Nelson says

    Hi class,
    My favorite topic that I took from this semester was editing and proofreading. Even though I did pretty well on most of my writing assignments. There is a lot of room for improvement. Overall this semester was excellent. I learned a lot new techniques that I would use in my future classes. I wish everyone good luck of all of your future endeavors. Also thank you Professor Young for a great writing class.

    Happy holidays and Happy New Year to everyone,

    Aaron Nelson

  5. Brianna Roethler says

    Professor Young,
    My favorite thing I learned this semester was building my resumes and creating a cover letter. I have not taken a class that actually helps us get a job and or attract potential jobs. Also, it was fun just to see how much my resume has changed since learning on how to better it in this class. This class has also taught me to be more mindful when writing. I now re-read everything before I post it or even send text messages out. Its crazy to me how in one semester my writing has developed into something so much better.

    Thank you for all the great feedback this semester!

    All the best,

  6. Elizaveta Cicori says

    Hello Professor Young,
    During this semester I have learned that based off your emails and text messages it shows the person your and it gives away your tone towards the audience. It is important to check your writing twice than facing unnecessary consequences. When closing an email or a text always have the right closing salutation, as each one of them is different meanings. I have been working on applying the wright tone to my messages as well as being clear in my emails or question I ask. After 16 weeks of ” writing skills” I have seen some new changes which I am really happy because it shows that I have enjoyed and learned from this class a lot. When I start typing any kind of paper I always think about the line spacing the “before’ and “after ” or even citations along with solutions. These things are always on my mind now when I am ready to type, its a good thing because each one of them is important to have on your paper. I want to continue working to organize my ideas from my head on to my paper. I am always informed with new topics and new ideas but somehow it is hard for me to put it all together and make sense out of it. Hopefully, by the end of this year, I will continue to grow on working harder for my ideas to all fall together.

  7. Erika Cervantes says

    Hello Professor Young, 
    I really  enjoyed taking your class and being able to learn a lot about writing. Everything that I’ve learned I apply to my daily life. I can tell that my writing has gotten much better. 
    I loved getting feedback from my classmates on the discussion post, because I learned from it. I definitely will recommend my friends to take your class even if it not required in their career because it will help them so much. Thank you for having, I really enjoyed it.Best regards,Erika 

  8. Paola Gomez says

    Hi Everyone,

    It has come to an end. I am glad I was able to be apart if this class. I really liked righting emails and memos. This class actually taught me how to write an email correctly. I will continue to apply all the principles I learned in this class for my future classes and career. The main principles I can remember off the top of my head are punctuation, commas, how to express your self at work and when you are at interviews.

    My skills in writing have changed a lot. When I write I always reread what I wrote because most of the time I do need to change something’s or even add things. I don’t try to write like how I speak or think. I try to sound as professional as I can. All of this will defiantly help with my career.

    I will continue to work on writing emails the correct way. Every time I write a letter I will take in consideration my textbook to help me guide in creating a good paper. Everyday we learn something new. I think that probably everything we learned in this class is useful for our writing and we wont remember every rule. It is always good to go back and look at your textbook for help.

    Wish everyone the best of luck in all their classes and in their career.

    Have a good night.


  9. Anthony Ramirez says

    Professor Young,
    I learned a lot of great information this semester about business communications and professional writing styles. Not only have I been applying this information in my school work, but also my job outside of school. These skills are very beneficial in the workplace and for many years to come. This is honestly the first English/Writing course that I’ve felt a great amount of improvement in such little time. Thank you for teaching a proficient and educational course.

    Best regards,
    Anthony R.

  10. Kayla Thompson says

    Hello Everyone, 
    I have learned a lot this semester about topics such as editing, composing, formatting, and grammar. I believe this course has made a positive impact on my writing.  

    Before taking this course, I struggled with writing, for I would try to plan, compose, and edit at the same time. This course has taught me the importance of separating these three stages. Walking away from writing assignments or projects allows the writer to clear their head, so when they come back to the assignment they are looking at it with fresh eyes. Understanding these concepts has helped me avoid writer’s block and frustration when writing. Therefore, my writing process has evolved into a healthier process that has improved my writing.  

    Understanding the different formatting techniques is essential to be professional and successful. This course has exposed me to multiple techniques and allowed me to practice them. In doing this, I received feedback that helped me improve and work out any mistakes now instead of later when a mistake could make or break my reputation. Applying these different formatting techniques now has also given me a guide to use for future reference. 

    I have enjoyed working with all my classmates and Professor Young. Thank you all for your support and feedback. The tools I have learned and practiced in this course will be tremendously useful in my future career.

    Best regards, 


  11. Kaitlynn Clasen says

    Hello Professor Young,
    I really enjoyed taking this class over the semester. Even though the class was online, I never felt more involved. I think the thing that I took away the most from was being concise. I have always been one to include as much information as possible. I now know that being concise and simple is better. It will lead the reader to the right direction. It is more easily understood.

    I also liked how we learned different things in the workplace. Whether it came to developing e-mails or memos, to seeing all of the different personality types. I also liked how we were put into different positions almost every week. We were able to be the “boss” and the employee. I liked all of the different strategies.

    I plan to use everything I have learned during this class in my everyday life as a persona and professional. I would like to say thank you to Professor Young for everything she has done during the semester.

    All the best,


  12. Rebecca Koon says

    Professor Young,

    My favorite topic was the interview. I got to interview a close friend of mine and it was fun and informative. I got to pick a part of her brain that I never have. I learned a lot and learned how to properly write letters and proper grammar. This class has helped me greatly and I plan to use the tools and techniques that I have learned in future writings.


  13. Taylor Inman says

    Professor Young,
    I enjoyed taking this class this semester. As stated in my previous posts on Canvas, this course has helped me create more professional memos and e-mails. I am constantly composing memos and I am emailing back and forth with co-workers all day. I feel like this course has helped my composition more professional and to the point. I do not have a lot of experience with the APA writing style so I know that is something I need to improve.

    This class has been insightful and I hope to continue to grow in my writings.

    All the best,

    Taylor Inman

  14. Katelyn Wine says

    Hello everyone,

    Over the semester, there have been many topics that I have found rewarding. Having not taken an English course in over ten years, I noticed how beneficial it was to re-touch on specific grammar topics and mechanics of proper writing.

    I learned a lot from going over such topics as comma and semicolon rules, capitalization, quotation marks, and apostrophes that I will be able to use in editing future papers. However, learning how to format different business documents correctly was the most interesting this semester. I have been trying to apply the principle of less is more. I have also been trying to stay away from “I” statements in my writing.

    Both my skills and thinking have changed for the better. I realize how important the editing process is and try my hardest not to edit during the writing process. It can be challenging at times to focus on getting my entire thought out before going back and changing things, but leaving the editing for the finished product is crucial. Since this is something I have not yet mastered and still struggle with, I will continue to work on it.

    I am far from being a proficient editor or writer, but after this semester in Professional Writing, I have many tools to use to become both. Overall, this course gave me a lot to think about, and I will be able to take my writing to the next level with all that I learned.

    All the best,


  15. Professor Young,

    I learned many different aspects about how to improve my writing skills this semester. APA formatting, creating a cover letter, and writing emails were all new concepts that I have learned in this class.

    Yes I think my skills and thinking has changed since the beginning of the semester with help from the heavy critiquing, numerous amounts of different peers perspectives, and feedback. In addition, your guidance and instructions aided my ability to write effectively and at my best.

    I think I need to work on writing more detailed, having better word choice and an eye for grammatical errors. I also think I could work on time management and idea plotting more as well.

    best regards,

  16. Hello Professor Young,
    I have learned so much in the professional writing class. This class has strengthened my writing and communication skills. I will be taking another class you are teaching sometime in the future. I believe there is so much more you can teach me. I will continue to use the skills I have gained in both my personal and business life.

    If you are wondering whether or not to take this class, do it! There is a lot you will learn. It not only helps with your schoolwork but teaches you a lot about the workplace and in your personal life. The skills you learn in this class you will use every day.

    Happy Holidays and the best of luck to everyone.

    Best wishes,
    Olivia M

  17. Emily Vujko says

    Hi Professor Young, I want to take the time to thank you for my final process message. The assignments you give us are truly thought-provoking and thorough; I always felt by the end of the week, I had a true grasp of the concept we were tackling that week. Not to mention, in your feedback, I always felt that the corrections were so well-thought out; when I went to edit and check over an assignment, I’d always go through my feedback on other assignments to double-check that I was correcting my mistakes. Thank you again, I’ve really gotten a lot out of this class. Best, Emily Vujko.

  18. Claire Juhnke says

    Professor Young:

    I have enjoyed this class and found the content very easy to comprehend as well as easy to apply into my writing.

    This class helped my to improve my formatting and showed my how to write to people of power such as a manager. I highly recommend this class and will continue to use the skills I have learned in this class for any future writing.

    Best regards,


  19. Heidi DeBoer says

    Hi all,
    While I learned a lot this semester, I would have to say my favorite or, rather, the most helpful was learning grammar and punctuation rules. There was a lot to take in, so I made a summary sheet of some of the most helpful points I learned.

    I also appreciated learning how to format business letters. It was helpful that we had to write the letter multiple times to drill the formatting into our heads. I don’t know that I would be able to do it off the top of my head, but now I have reference ones if need be.

    Overall, I am happy to report that my writing skills have improved in many areas. Thank you.

    Heidi (Nicki) DeBoer

  20. Jillian Brewster says

    Hello everyone,
    I was pleasantly surprised with the content in this class. I was interested in many different chapters and not so fond of others. Some of my favorite units were the ones about personalities and how they mesh with others in the workplace. I obtained a lot of valuable information both about formatting and general life skills that will apply everywhere

    One of the things I absorbed most was the personality types and how to deal with each one In the workplace. Knowing your co-workers will always be a good way to keep things positive in the workplace. There was a lot of good information that will help me be a better contributor to a job.

    I will use the skills of formatting every day when communicating with employers or co-workers. Overall, this class was very helpful and efficient in teaching skills that I will use in any job that I end up with in the future community.


  21. Hello everyone,
    Looking back at the start of the semester I was not educated on how to write memos, thank-you letters, or even formulate and e-mail correctly. This course has taught me a lot of information that I will be able to take with me in the future.
    My favorite topic we covered by far was cultural sensitivity. With our world only becoming bigger and bigger by everyday, it’s important to understand how many walks of life you may encounter. To be able to understand that not everyone comes from the same background as you is very important, especially in a business setting. Allowing everyone to feel included and listened to will only create a smoother outcome for all individuals involved.
    Thanks to this course I will be able to formally construct documents that I feel confident about in order to communicate in the world of business.
    All the best,

  22. Chris Abram says

    Hello Everyone,

    At the beginning of the semester, I dreaded writing. This class has helped me become more comfortable with my writing skills and realize, I’m not such a bad writer.

    I felt the class a whole gave me so much information to take away and use for my future. Being a clear and concise writer is important. learning this has helped my writing skills tremendously. Furthermore, the grammar and punctuation refreshers were very helpful.

    The biggest take away from this class is edit ruthlessly. My writing has strengthened not only at work, but for my other classes as well.

    Thank you Professor Young.

    All the best,


  23. Peter M Summer says

    Professor Young,
    I found the information about “clear and concise” writing to be my number one takeaway. Well I have mentioned in previous process messages about learning a lot but also the lost information from previous english classes.

    The class provided me a different view of writing and was the most helpful English Class of my post secondary education.

    All the best,