Pulling It All Together

This semester, we covered diverse topics from punctuation and formatting to team building and getting a job. You learned how to produce letters, memos, and e-mail. What were your favorite topics? How have your skills and thinking changed? In short, what did you learn and how are you using it?


  1. Rasha Siddiqui says

    Hello Professor Young,

    Prior to starting this semester, I was unsure as to whether I would enjoy this course or not. I was never the best at writing. I always thought that if you were unable to write or read well, you would fail all your writing courses. After finishing this course, I realize that this is far from the truth.
    I have grown to appreciate and love writing. I learned to take the writing process less seriously and explore my creative side. In doing so, I found myself hesitating less when starting discussion posts and process messages and just writing because I enjoyed to. I also took in many valuable tips which I will use in the professional world such as how to format business emails and post-interview letters.
    Professor Young, you have been so encouraging throughout this process. I truly loved the critiques and uplifting comments you would leave on my assignments. Despite it being such a hard year, you have made my academic experience so much less stressful.

    Rasha Siddiqui

  2. Luz Martinez says

    Hello Professor Young and my fellow scholars,

    This semester has been an absolutely wonderful learning experience for me and my writing skills. The class I was so terrified for in the beginning, ended up being a class that I learned so much in! Week by week I would read about something new and use my knowledge in a learning way. After learning the proper way to write and reply in a discussion post, I was able to use those skills. I enjoyed doing the discussion posts and getting to read what my classmates learned and read how we all would elaborate with one another. Not only the discussions, but every assignment I did helped to improve the skills I learned.
    What I loved most about this class was how what we learned would be skills we would one day be able to use in our professional lives. Learning how to properly write letters, memos, emails, etc, are all helpful skills for my future as a social worker. From the interview I conducted with a fellow social worker, I was so surprised to learn social workers spend a great amount of time writing day to day.
    After completing this class, I feel way more confident in my writing skills. I feel more prepared for my future as a social worker because of this class.
    Hope everyone has an excellent break and gets some rest. Happy holidays!

    Luz Martinez

  3. Kelsey Henry says

    Hi Professor Young,
    This semester my favorite topic was learning about how to understand and accept diversity in the workplace. I think it is very important to be able to communicate in a non-biased and respectful manner and the course, as well as the text, did a wonderful job of laying out different ways to achieve this.
    My skills and thinking have both progressed throughout the semester, while I am aware that I can still work on formatting. While formatting seems easy at times, sometimes it can be messed up just as easily. It can also be tricky while trying to proofread different sorts of documents to remember the formatting of each one.
    Overall, I feel that I have established a strong foundation for professional writing and I am sure I will be able to use it successfully in the future.
    Kelsey Henry

  4. Madison Mordus says

    Hello Professor Young,
    I learned a lot this semester. I believe that this class really helped me take a big step forward for my major. One of my favorite things was writing the letters to fellow employees, responding to a complaint, and also the thank you letters. I had never written those before so it was nice to do something new and I learned a lot from it. When we had to write the letter to the lady who was trying to return something past the due date, that assignment was interesting as well. I know that I did not use the best tone in it, but because of that, I know better now. That is why I am glad that we did this assignment so I can learn from it and when I have to finally write a real one I will be prepared. Overall, this class helped me with communication between fellow co-workers along with customers and employers. It was an interesting class and very informative so I am glad that I took it.

    Happy Holidays,
    Madison Mordus

  5. Serena Thormann says

    Hello Professor Young,

    One of my favorite topics we have learned during this course would be how to write an email correctly. Knowing how to write one is so useful and, in a way, it makes us, college students, look like professionals.
    As we live in a world where technology is superior to handwritten notes or messages, I still prefer a piece of paper and a skinny pen that makes my hand cramp—suppose my ideas flow better that way. That is one thing that has not changed; however, I have resorted to my notes less often than before to try and grasp the information while I read.

    I am learning every day to not be too hard on myself, as I usually am (or try to be) a perfectionist at everything I do. I have learned to take small breaks because I tend to wander off in my work, or my eyes start to go blurry from staring at the computer screen for so long, especially working from home. If any of my peers are reading, now more than ever, it is imperative to remember how important your health is, even over your work. So, take small breaks within your work to relieve any negative stress, and then come back with positive, clean energy, knowing you could get the job done.

    Happy holidays,
    Serena Thormann

  6. Mary Markusic says

    Hello Professor Young,

    My favorite topic that we learned together as a class was learning how to write letters. Including follow-up letters, denial letters, complaint letters, thank-you letters and cover letters. I liked creating these letters because I know for a fact I will have to use most of them sooner or later, in real life. It helped me better prepare for the future and I gained a lot of knowledge and understanding while completing them. Anything from being proper and professional to the number of spaces between each line, I learned it! I think my critical thinking skills have changed for the better, I now know how to better approach people from a professional stand point. I also really enjoyed writing end of the week process messages. I think it’s a great way to connect and talk with your students. Especially now with everything going on, it is good to check in on each other. It’s the little things that matter the most.

    All the best,
    Mary Markusic

  7. Elena Grove says

    Hello Professor Young,
    I put some thought into what my favorite topic was this semester. I would have to say e-mails just because it is what I use the most in my everyday life. My punctuation and formatting changed completely from before knowing how to properly writing an e-mail to now. I feel as if I sound more professional and that makes me feel more confident in my work. Another thing I learned more about and feel confident about is pronouns. Such as trying not to use “she or he” but use “they.” I try to pay more attention to this in my work also. Overall, my skills definitely have changed and I have become better with my writing. Before, I cannot say that I was confident in my work and now I can say that I am.

    Elena Grove

  8. Prysma Valdivia says

    Hello Professor Young,
    Throughout the semester in this course, we learned a lot about different formats for business letters, normal letter, e-mails, memos, resumes, and even more. Overall, my favorite topic was learning how to write different types of business letters. Such as, we learned how to make a thank you letter, letter of resignation, letter of rejecting a job, and more. The reason why this topic was my favorite is because it gives us knowledge of how to response professional to situations like those and gives us experience. I learned how to professionally complete different types of letters for business, which will help in the future for my future career. The principles that I apply were learning how to format correctly and how to response in the correct way towards different situations in a letter.

    I feel like my skills have changed since the beginning of the course, because now I know more about formatting and how to response to different types of letters. Also, I have improved in my revising method and it has helped me a lot. My thinking has changed also, in the way which it has helped me correct my errors more efficiently and the way I format my writings. The things that I will continue to work on to become proficient is learning how to revise my writings more clearly, I have gotten better with revising but it’s not all the way there yet. Also, I want to continue working on my grammar errors. But, I do believe that I will eventually accomplish that goal of fixing my errors.

    Prysma Valdivia

  9. Sam Delahunty says

    Hi Professor Young,
    I really enjoyed this call this semester, I feel as if I have learned a lot more than I have learned in my past English classes. My favorite thing to learn was learning about writing specific letters, emails, memos, ect. During high school, I learned how to write this type of stuff but this class went more specific into it and it was nice to have the book that worked as a template to help me write if I got stuck.
    I believe that I still do need help on my punctuation but hopefully, that will get better over time. It was nice to have the book go along with the online work so it was just enough in book work as well as online, which I liked. Overall, this class has definitely helped my writing get better especially when it comes to formal writing.
    All the best,
    Sam Delahunty

  10. Cisely LeBron says

    Hello Professor Young,
    My favorite topic was writing memos. I know that eventually I’d like to be my own boss or move up within my current job and in order to do that I have to learn about what it takes to become a boss. I found that writing memos gave me a sense of being in charge and having expectations for others that needed to be followed. I think that in order to do a memo I had to be mindful that these are still people that have feelings and want to feel appreciated. I had to out in a lot of thought and think about how I would want a memo to sound if I were in their shoes. I feel that writing memos has taught me to be more empathetic to other individuals while still doing a job, which is very helpful in my current place of employment. I am looking forward to my future in hopes that I can utilize everything I’ve been taught!

    Best Regards,
    Cisely LeBron

  11. Brianna Plemons says

    Hello Professor Young,
    Throughout this semester, you have taught us all so much. Everything was so valuable and has helped to improve my writing tremendously.
    My favorite topics this semester were about the cover letters, resumes, and the writing interview. From each of these topics, the most valuable lesson I feel I’ve learned is how to write professionally and how to represent myself through writing. The principles I am applying are formatting, tone, proper grammar usage, and word choice. I believe that over the course of this semester, my writing and thinking processes have definitely changed for the better. I now know how to properly format different types of business communication techniques such as emails, memos, and job denials/acceptances/etc. letters. Something I will continue to work on, until I am proficient in it, is paying more attention to details and reviewing my work.
    This semester has been great, and I am so thankful to have had you as a professor.
    Brianna Plemons

  12. Jessica Oswald says

    Hi Professor Young,
    I think my favorite topic we did this semester was the writing interview. I really enjoyed sitting down with my boss and asking him more about his job and how he applies his writing skills. This allowed me to be comfortable interviewing someone and being able to put it into my own words. I think constructing well organized paragraphs is a little easier for me now. My thoughts aren’t all over the place and it easy for me to organize them into writing. Having my thoughts be organized has already helped me in writing already and I am looking forward to being even more organized in the future.
    Jessica Oswald

  13. Corinne Blastick says

    Hello Professor Young,
    During this semester we went over many topics regarding professional writing and communications. If I had to pick my favorite topics, I would have to choose learning how to write letters like complaint and denial to a complaint, and also communicating with my classmates more about cultural sensitivity when in professional settings.
    After going through all the assignments and discussions this semester, I think my business writing and communication skills have greatly improved. My formatting is still a work in the progress, but it is significantly better than when we started in August. I also know more about how to use appropriate language when taking into account peoples cultures, sexual orientations and pronouns, etc. I have already been using this with communicating with classmates in other classes, and in the real world when communicating with co-workers at my job.

    Best Regards,
    Corinne Blastick