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Team Charter (Word Document)   Team Charter

Figure 1.7 (Word Document)   Business Memo

Figure 3.1 (Word Document)   E-mail Format

Figure 4.5 (Adobe PDF)   Structure of Direct-Message Letters

Figure 4.8 (Word Document)   Standard Parts of a Business Letter

Figure 4.11 (Word Document)   Fax Cover Sheet

Figure 5.7 (Word Document)   Feasibility Memo

Figure 5.10 (Word Document)   The AIDA Model

Figure 6.1 (Word Document)   Meeting Announcement

Figure 6.2 (Word Document)   Agenda for a Meeting

Figure 6.3 (Word Document)   Organizing Your Presentation

Figure 8.5 (Adobe PDF)   Proposal Cover Letter

Figure 8.6 (Word Document)   Formal Proposal

Figure 8.7 (Word Document)   Letter Proposal

Figure 9.1 (Word Document)   Cover Letters

Figure 9.2 (Word Document)   Chronological Résumé

Figure 9.3 (Word Document)   Functional Résumé

Figure 9.4 (Word Document)   Electronic Résumé

Figure 10.1 (Word Document)   Traditional Performance Appraisal Form

Figure 10.2 (Word Document)   Self-Appraisal Form


Figure WH3.2 (Word Document)   Block-Style Business Letter

Figure WH3.2B (Word Document)   Modified Block

Figure WH3.3 (Word Document)   Simplified Letter Format

Figure WH3.4 (Word Document)   Modern Simplified Letter

Figure WH3.4B (Word Document)   Modern Simplified Memo Format

Figure WH3.5 (Word Document)   E-memo Template

Figure WH3.6 (Word Document)   E-mail

Figure WH3.7 (Word Document)   Agenda

Figure WH3.8 (Word Document)   Formal Minutes

Figure WH3.9 (Word Document)   Informal Minutes

Figure WH3.10 (Adobe PDF)   Instruction for Folding Letter for Window Envelope

Figure WH3.11 (Adobe PDF)   Instructions for Folding Letters for No. 6-3/4 and No. 10 Envelopes

Figure WH4.1 (Word Document)   Affective Scales

Figure WH4.2 (Word Document)   Sample Questionnaire

Figure WH4.10 (Word Document)   Works Cited



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