The Cost of Education

To gain a deeper understanding of the value of getting an education, please read the article below:

As John Dewey once said, “You become what you learn.” Education makes a difference, and here’s to all of the teachers who give their best!

Welcome to the Teacher’s Corner!

I look forward to hearing how your students are progressing and discussing your questions.

I’ve used the methods presented in my books with learners in the corporate world and the educational arena. You will be pleased with the results your students achieve–your students’ skills will improve right along with their confidence.

The method applied can be described as “principle and practice.” Students learn a new principle and then practice it until they can use it effectively. The method is not unique; however, the way the learning materials are structured is: The first step is learning to compose freely. The next step is understanding the sentence core. Each step after that builds upon the previous one.

You will find that punctuation is the key to structure. As learners work with punctuation, identifying the sentence core, they learn structure at a deep level. Once learners understand the sentence core, elements of grammar such as verbs and pronouns begin to make sense.

I look forward to going on this journey with you and your students! If you need additional resources, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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