Reflections about Writing

Reflecting is a critical element of learning because it leads to deep learning and personal growth. As you reflect upon what you have learned during the past few months, do you have any insights to share? What advice would you give to others about writing? How have your feelings about writing changed?


  1. Kari Doorn says:

    When I reflect back on this course, I have began to realize that how you present yourself even in an e-mail can be critical. Before, I did not pay much attention to my messages and e-mails that I sent out. Then, after this course I realize that i looked like such a beginner writer. I am still not an expert;however, I truly feel that I now have the fundementable that I need to be a better communicater in the business world. This has been a gread learning experience. My adive to others is to not be disappointed about taking a writing class, you can really grow in you skills and learn. My feelings toward writng are that it is a core part of business and something that is critical to be competent in.

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