Becoming an Incurable Editor

You are working intensely to improve your writing skills: What are you learning and how are your skills changing? Do you feel differently about writing? Are you on the road to becoming an incurable editor?


  1. Michael Baker says:

    I find, in practically everything I have ever done, the best way to become better is to put what you learn into practice. Trial and error are the best ways for me to learn something. Of course, I like to know what I am doing beforehand, but putting my knowledge into practice helps me truly understand and remember it.

  2. Carley Siems says:

    With everything we learned this semester, confidence has began to grow on me as a writer. Before, understanding rules has often been a struggle. Durning this course, we got a lot of practice in and received helpful/positive feedback, which allowed me to gain my confidence as a writer.

  3. Ihsan Shaheen says:

    One important lesson I’ve learned so far in this course is to always keep your writing concise. The reader will get much more out of your writing if it is nice and simple. This has always been a struggle of mine as I tend to be a wordy writer, but going on with this course the mantra “less is more” has always been a recurring element that I’ve become better at controlling my sentence length.
    That being said, I think I am one step closer to becoming an incurable editor!

  4. Gabriella Guerra says:

    With everything we have learned, being concise is the one important lesson that is greatly effecting my writing. I have struggled with the weekly discussions and trying to keep my posts short and concise as well as writing from my own thoughts. I keep the statement “less is more” in my head to help keep from writing too much or being wordy.
    Although with some more practice, I do believe that I am one stope closer to becoming an incurable editor.

  5. Paige Smith says:

    This course has changed my skills drastically over a short amount of time. The key is confidence. You have done such as great job at providing us with feedback. It has brought my confidence is through the roof, which has allowed the concepts to come easier to me. I no longer look at writing as a terrible activity. The concepts we have covered this semester have set me on the track for success. I am now more comfortable with editing, formatting, punctuation, and understanding the audience. Overall, my writing is more concise and organized. I am definitely on the road to becoming an incurable editor.

  6. Erin Mullaney says:

    While reflecting on this semester and all of all the work I have done in this course, I noticed that my writing is not only structured better, but it also sounds more certain. If there’s one thing that stuck with me all semester, it would be that writing concisely makes it sound more certain, allowing your audience to trust and comprehend your writing. I have grown to enjoy writing more than I ever did. My ultimate goal is to making editing my writing like second nature. Even though I am not fully there, I believe I am on the road to becoming an incurable editor.

  7. Roszalind Thompson says:

    Throughout this semester, i’m still a little unsure about APA style. Especially the reference part of APA style. I have gained alot of knowledge about writing for the reader!

  8. Corbin Lawson says:

    I feel my confidence in my writings have become better. When looking at my past papers and assignments, there is a huge change in thought process and word usage. I need to put some more work in becoming an incurable editor. I know I can only do better with more practice.

  9. Latrice Williams says:

    This class is teaching me to write concisely and be confident. However, at times, I lack confidence and doubt my writing. I still feel anxiety when it comes to writing but that is starting to diminish. The tools are very helpful and has improved my writing. Writing is a subject that can be a struggle but this is the best I have written assignments. I’ll continue to practice so I can enhance my skills.

  10. Neal Broad says:

    Through writing practice I have really learned the power of editing. Before taking the time to emphasize editing, my writing just had a lot of unnecessary information. Understanding that in writing it is not what you do, but how you do it, your writing will gradually improve. Along with intrinsic editing, I have also learned it really helps to enjoy what you are writing about. By writing about interest and experiences, your writing process will become fun. As well as allow you to put more in depth thought into your writing, ultimately, creating a a better skill set in writing. In conclusion, by using and understanding all these factors listed by each blogger, you will be one step closer into becoming a incurable editor.

  11. Lauren Vieyra says:

    I am very pleased with what I have learned in this class! My writing skills were very poor when I started this class. Even now they are not the best but I have seen myself improve a lot. The most noticeable thing for me is that I have learned to write from my own voice. I struggled the first few weeks with this but eventually I finally got the hang of it. I enjoy learning new principles and different ways of seeing things when it comes to writing. This class is very beneficial especially for my future in the workplace. After all, practice really does make perfect!

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