Pulling It All Together

This semester, we covered diverse topics from punctuation and formatting to team building and getting a job. You learned how to produce letters, memos, and e-mail. What were your favorite topics? What did you learn that you are applying? How have your skills and thinking changed? In short, what are your takeaways from class?


  1. Ellison Cullen says:

    Hello classmates,
    This semester has been a great one. I don’t know about you but I actually really enjoyed this class. There might have been a lot of work, but all was worth it in the end. The information we gained in this class with help us in our future so much. Everything that we discussed either was my first time hearing about it or it was much needed refresher. I am so glad that I took this class in my beginning years of college, because now I get to take all this wonderful information with me to other classes.
    My favorite topic was the interview we conducted. Getting to learn about my future profession was very interesting. I love the world of teaching, and getting to talk about it is so fun to me. The advice that present teachers give is so helpful. For this interview I actually talked to my mom, which I got the true back ground information. She does not want me to go into teaching blinded folded.
    Besides freshening up my punctuation, grammar, and APA style, I learned a lot of useful materials. Learning how to format important letters is very important no matter what profession you are going into. The way a letter is formatted can say so much about how you are and if you truly care about the matter on hand. We also learned about resume and cove letters. This is very important also. These two pieces of papers say who you are before a possible employer even seeing you in person. I am applying a lot of the materials that I learned this semester. Being a cheer coach I am writing e-mails and letters to parents all the time. So the main principle that I am applying would be the facts that we learned about writing and formatting emails.
    My skills have changed dramatically since the beginning of the semester. Not only has my skills changed so has my thinking. The way I write a letter or talk to some is always at mind now. Making sure that what I am trying to say is not coming off completely wrong.
    After this class ends, I will keep working on my punctuation and APA style. Those are the two areas that I feel still need to be improved. It has made great strides but there is still room for growing.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Rachel Broviak says:

    While reading down through the requirements for this final writing, I have one condensed thought about the whole of this class that can be summed up in three words: attention to detail. Looking back at the letters and emails and even speeches that I have prepared in the past, whether for professional reasons or school, I was not aware of the attention to detail that I was lacking. Now I am fully aware and that is due to the solid education of this class.

    I think about the things I have learned as a metaphor correlated with my holiday gift giving. I love to give gifts and I put great thought into each individual present, just as I put great thought and effort into the assignments required of this course. Before I give my Christmas gifts, I play Martha Stewart by tediously wrapping each one carefully and tying bows or string on them, paying careful attention to the details of the presentation, for I feel that they are just as much part of the gift as the item inside the wrapping. This is where I have missed the “wrapping and bows” presentation of my voice in the past. Although I was spending the time to make the core of my letters, emails, presentations, assignments, etc. as factually sound and fluent as possible, I was not aware that the presentation of these things is just as important as the content. It would be as if I sought out and bought my sister the most beautiful, handcrafted diamond earrings, the likes of which she would faint at the first sight of, and then I proceeded to stuff them in a paper sack that I pulled from the recycle bin, waded it up, and threw it under my bed. It wouldn’t be denied that it is an incredible gift, but without the attention to detail, the true message can be overlooked.

    I now have the tools I need and the understand that my first and maybe only chance to make an impression or do something right, lies in the attention to detail that I give my writings. Taking care to head things correctly, use proper English, being sensitive to cultural differences, and even the simplicity of proper comma usage, are just a few of the highlights that I take away from this class. I especially appreciated learning the use of the “you viewpoint”. I am a firm believer that we as humans, and sadly especially as Americans, feel a constant and powerful need to always drive others down by a force of domination. I also believe that we should fight this unnecessary urge in any way possible and the best way to conquer this instinct is simply by seeing situations through another’s eyes. The understanding that there is no need for forcing issues or my qualifications and opinions down someone’s throat has been a priceless lesson. I now can successfully execute writings, and even talks, which are beneficial to everybody while still being able to voice my own thoughts and ideas. In this, I can readily solve the core of many problems.

    Not to argue ignorance, but many points along this course, I simply did not know or had not previously considered as thoughts to question. For example, the above “you viewpoint”, the need for sensitivity to the fact that words and sayings can be interpreted differently simply according to an age group, and especially that there is precise, correct format to use in business writings. I learned English along with sentence structure and proper usage long ago and I have been proficient, although not an expert, at writing thoughts and communicating ideas and stories. However, I was missing the wrapping and bows presentation to my voice. With the lesson arsenal from this class, I will continue to pay attention to details of comma and colon usage in my business communications. I will continue to practice correct format for business writings and re-check it as often as necessary until I am certain of its execution. I will continue to put great effort into seeing every situation from all perspectives. I will also continue to learn from this class long after the grades are forgotten. I will continue to implement the lessons learned until my voice is the whole package.

    Every wish for the happiness of you and yours,

    Rachel Broviak

  3. Jacquelyn Davalos says:

    Hello class,

    This semester has been full of knowledgeable information. English has always been a tough subject for me, but after taking this course I feel that I am fully prepared for whatever the future may hold. From all the forums we had to post I learned a lot about commas, semicolons, and apostrophes. As silly as it may sound, those were the biggest complications I had when I would revise a paper. In one semester I learned a lot more than I did in twelve years of education.

    My favorite topics were learning how to write blocked style letters and memos. I feel that being able to write those types of letters, with ease, will definitely help me out in the long run. Also, I enjoyed interviewing someone in my field and getting a broader perspective of what I will potentially be dealing with. Another topic I enjoyed was learning how to write a proper e-mail. Nowadays, e-mail seems to be the best and most effective way of communication; therefore, I am extremely satisfied with the skills I have acquired.

    After completing every forum and writing assignment I believe that my skills in writing have changed. When it came to writing a paper or a speech I had no idea where to begin, but now I just write down ideas and go from there. One issue I had was thinking faster than my hands, and after taking this course I have mastered a better way of brainstorming. When we discussed speeches I learned ways of controlling my nerves so that I can speak in public with ease. Even though I may not be taking another English course in my major, I feel that I am adequately prepared for any kind of writing. Overall, this semester has helped me build confidence when I write and I am extremely thankful that I took this course with Professor Young.

    One major writing skill I will continue to work on is perfecting a paper. I feel that I could spend more time and energy on writing. Also, I will continue to work on expanding my vocabulary by reading more. With that being said, I thank you for writing a thorough book and always providing us with feedback on our writing.

    Have a great break everyone,


  4. Peter jideonwo says:

    Hello Everyone,

    This semester was very fun. I picked up new skills and also refined some skills that needed retouching. My favorite topics were office communications and verbal communications. I learned a lot of new things but some major things I learned about was how to write memos and APA style reports. I am using the verbal communications skills I learned in the book to help me communicate in real life. My skills have changed since I joined the class. I feel like I learned more things that I can apply later in the future. My thinking has also changed because before I write or talk I always think of principles I learned in class. I believe because of this class I am a better professional communicator. I am going to continue to work on my communication after this class because I think it is very important in the professional world.



  5. Bradley Bayliff says:

    This semester proved to be a challenging one. I wasn’t sure what this class was going to be. When I was able to incorporate the things i had been learning into my daily work, I began to see the importance of this class. I really enjoyed the topics that dealt with correct formatting, different types of communication, and cultural sensitivity.

    I learned that formatting will make or break my applications, memos, e-mails, or another business writing. I have tried to apply the principles of editing to my papers and daily communications. Formatting now comes easier to me and i enjoy when my papers look professional and well thought out.

    The different types of communication has been a great help to me. I now use memos and letters for their true purpose. I was only using email to talk to other coworkers no matter what the need called for. I have been able to get my workplace to communicate more efficiently and coherently by adding simple steps to avoid bad types of communication.

    The cultural sensitivity chapter taught me a lot about how to view others. I now have the knowledge to get to know someone before i judge or try to communicate unprofessionally. I enjoy seeing the world from another persons eyes. It makes the communication more reliable and more respectable because i am taking the time to respect the other person. Showing others that i can be culturally sensitive has started to show others that i respect them. They in turn are respecting me more than before.

    I ill continue to try to improve my overall writing. I want to be a professional when it come to communication. It all starts with me. I am going to try and keep developing my editing. The more I edit, the better my writing becomes. If I can let my writing grow through editing i will be able to be more cohesive and concise to my coworkers.

    I have truly enjoyed this semester of professional writing. It has been one of the first classes that I have been able to put into my every day life right away.

    Good evening,


  6. Crystal Rosario says:

    Hello Everyone,

    This was a great semester. I love that everything we learned, from resumes to business letters, were things that are going to be beneficial to us at some point in our lives and our future careers. One thing that I gained from this class is confidence in formatting. This was an area that I was always unsure about. I never understood that there was a proper method for formatting a paper. I usually just opened up Word and began to type on whatever default setting it had. Thanks to this class, I have mastered formatting and now it comes naturally.

    A technique that I was taught in the past but never truly understood, is writing APA style. This isn’t something that was engraved in my mind while in high school. While in college, I took an English course that explained this style of writing. This allowed me to understand it better but I still wasn’t completely comfortable with this style of writing. Thanks to this class, I was able to reaffirm what I have learned in the past and now am able to say that I can write APA style. I guess the third time is a charm.

    Finally, a tip that I will never forget when writing papers is to write fearlessly and edit ruthlessly. I love this. This is something that should be taught in every English class. So many people try to edit as they write and don’t realize that they are not allowing the thoughts to flow.

    There were so many techniques and important tips that we were taught that will allow us to be a better candidate when looking for our dream job. Lets make sure to keep applying them in our daily lives so that we will never forget them.

    Have a lovely evening,

  7. Elizabeth Ryan says:

    I want to first say congratulations to everyone that made it to the finish line this semester. This has been a rough semester for me and I made it through. This class in particular was challenging, informative, and interesting. I have learned a lot from this class, and everything I learned I can use in my daily interactions at work and school.

    One of my goals for this class was to learn and properly use APA formatting. I have always had trouble formatting, and no one actually taught or explained to me how to format APA style correctly. Instructors and others would refer me to the purdue owl to learn how to format. Purdue owl does not tell you step by step on how to APA format like our text book and the instructor explained. I succeeded in reaching this goal. I know how to format properly and do it with confidence.

    I learned how to properly send business emails and create memos. Before I would send emails to my boss and instructors any type of way, just saying what I needed to say. I haven’t had the opportunity to send memos yet, but when I do at least I know how to do so now.

    I learned the different ways to communicate with other people. There are certain ways to communicate with certain people. When you do not know how to communicate with someone correctly, it could ruin a business opportunity.

    Overall, this course has been challenging and informative. I have learned a lot of information that is useful in my daily interactions and will be useful in my future career. The best way to do something is to do it correctly. Now I know the dos and do nots in communicating.

    I wish everyone good luck on finals and your future endeavors.


  8. Nakira Hollis says:

    Fellow Students,

    I learned from this class to be more concious of comma usage or lack thereof. I am also more aware of how I communicate at work. I have started using the email format from this class to email coworkers an supervisors and I pay attention to the emails that I get at work to see if they are formatted corected also. They usually are. I am going to keep the book, because I think it will be useful. Whenever I have a question about comma usage, formatting, or anything else I can go back to the book.

    Wish everyone the best with your studies,

    Nakira Hollis

  9. Kaitlin Salinas says:

    Hello Class,

    This semester as well as this class was great. I learned so much from this class that I would take with me as I go on to further my studies. I hope to continue practicing what I learned in this class to perfect my grammar, punctuation, and other writing tools.

    My favorite topic was conducting the interview. I am hands-on learner. I enjoyed practicing my speech skills, as far as eye contact, and professional speaking. I found being on the other end of the table interviewing someone to be fascinating. When it came to writing the interview I also enjoyed it. It gave myself a different perspective to see the interview written down on paper.

    I learned material in this class that I can use in my other class, as well as everyday life. I learned about diversity, and different ways to communicate with people. I now know how to write memos, business letters, and even a paper in APA and MLA format. I am very pleased I know how to write different forms of business letters. I feel I will use that material in my future career on many occasions.

    This course had challenging, and frustrating moments. However, there is no better feeling than to overcome the challenges and receive an amazing grade on something that you almost gave up on. My punctuation skills improved tremendously. I don’t think I lacked knowledge on punctuation. I think I was careless with checking my mistakes. This class taught me to not give up, and most importantly, read instructions, and your work, over and over and over again!

    Good luck on finals,


  10. Brionna Carpeter says:

    Hi Everyone,
    My takeaways are Blocked Letter Format and Memos. I learned the correct Formation of Blocked Letter Format and how to set a correct business letter. With Memos I also learned the formation and position of one. I am applying these topics in other classes where we have to write letters and memos. I am also using them in the real world at the place where I work. Recently I was hired as a secretary assistant and am using those types of formations on my work material. My skills have improved for the better. I no longer have to rely on the handbook on formation. It has become second nature to me. My thinking has become stronger than what it was for the material. I am confident with doing my work place material without doubting myself. My current growing edges are structuring messages. I am able to flow with my letters and papers without everything all over the place. I will continue to work on my punctuation skills. I have never been a big fan on that and it’s definitely something I could improve on and will need to.
    All the best,

  11. Morgan Hancock says:

    My favorite topics were learning how to write memos or emails in a professional way. I enjoyed it because I know I will use that specific topic in my future career a lot. I also enjoyed talking about cultural differences with my peers. I enjoyed sharing my experiences or reading about what others experienced.
    I have applied my writing techniques in everything that I write via the computer. I now cannot not use a colon after my greeting. Frequently I also add conclusions or extra space in-between the last sentence and my name as if I would sign my name there. It is kind of cool and strange to see how much change I have made in the last few months. I apply the technique Intro, body, and conclusion to my writings with emails. It makes sense to me to continually write in that way, so I do.
    My thinking has changed because now everything matters. It matters if my résumé has incorrect punctuation and therefore, I need to learn how to correct it. My thinking has changed because now I care how everything looks and how it is presented. I try not to be sloppy in anything that I write even if it is only texting. Sloppiness is in my past, but I do not want it to be in my future.
    My growing edges would probably be commas. They do not always trip me up, but sometimes I am still confused about whether they should be added or not. If I consult my English books everyone once in a while about my grammar, I’m sure that I would keep up the skills that I am acquiring.

  12. Oluwatoyin Ayangade says:

    Hi Class,

    It has been such a pleasure working with you guys and contributing to the discussion on forum. Am going to miss reading everybody’s contribution.

    My favorite topic this entire semester is cultural sensitivity, persuasive communication and office communication. I found the chapter on cultural sensitivity most interesting because the subject teaches us how to be sensitive to others in our everyday communication.

    Another topic of interest for me is persuasive communication and how it is used daily in the workplace. Prior to this class, I was not aware of the different types of persuasive communication; formal and informal and how the more common form of persuasion used daily in the work place is informal persuasion.

    My writing skill has improved greatly and my thinking has certainly changed. The knowledge I have gained through this class will stick with me for many years to come, especially the rules governing letter writing, memo, e-mail, even voice-mails and how they have to be periodically changed to suit your schedule.

    After all said and done, I still have a couple of areas to work and improve on. The one on the top of my list is punctuation. I still need to study and master the rules governing punctuation till I become proficient in it.

    Over all, I would say the skills I have learned through this class has adequately broadened my horizon and changed my way of thinking for the better. These skills will definitely come handy when am done with school and join the professional circle.

    All the best in your future pursuit.



  13. Nicole Hamill says:

    Hi class,

    My favorite topic of the semester was about punctuation and commas. I liked this the best because I got the most out of this subject. I thought I had a handle on this subject but after reading the chapters I did not. This topic will also help me in my future job as well as future classes. I know that I am not done with my writing career here, it is only going to get better and stronger from this point on.

    I have applied all the writing techniques that I learned this semester already. I believe writing papers this semester became easier because of this class. All the writing I had to do for this class is only helping me for my future.

    My writing skills changed drastically. I have more confidence in my writing and I try not to second guess myself anymore. My thinking has changed by not thinking I am such a bad writer, if I put the right amount of time and effort into every paper it will be a good one.

    I will continue to work on my writing skills. There is always something to work on and become better at. I will continue to practice my writing and gain more writing skills.

    I want to thank Professor Young for all her help this semester, and she has taught me a lot. I learned more in this online class this semester than any other online class I have taken. Thank you 🙂

    All the best,

    Nicole Hamill

  14. Jacquelyn Guillermo says:

    Hi class,

    I have to say my favorite assignments during this course were the writing interview and the summary of an article pertaining to our major. Both of these assignments improved my formatting skills as well as my grammar skills. Although both were a little stressful for me I am glad we had to do them. Formatting is such an important concept to understand because I will use it for the rest of my life. Formatting documents such a resume is extremely important because it says a great deal about a person. I know at my job if a resume looks sloppy and unorganized my boss throws it away immediately. I have to admit that before this course my formatting skills were not strong. By completing these assignments it has given me the chance to practice them and see what I need to further work on.

    All the best,


  15. Andrea Harris says:

    Seasons Greetings to you all!

    Overall, I rather enjoyed this class—despite not having a favorite topic. The largest adjustment, although, was learning to write with assumptions. In the academic realm, there are very few assumptions that can be made when constructing a written work: every newly introduced topic requires an explanation. Professional writing, on the other hand, takes into account that the recipient of your message has the background needed to forego any excess elaborations. Keeping communications short and concise is my greatest challenge, and one I will continue to work on.
    Personally, I am a thinker when it comes to communicating: I very directly state my wants and beliefs. This can be a very beneficial tool in the professional world; however, this class has taught me the instances in which adopting a more “feeler” approach is warranted. Having the tools for understanding that communication is designed to maintain a working relationship helps me edit my writing tone.
    I am a strong academic writer and journal often. These practices made the structural aspects of this class a review: complex sentence structure, nouns, pronouns, verbs, transitional words, and coordinating conjunctions are very familiar to me. While I didn’t have to relearn these grammar elements, I did find the review beneficial.

    Best wishes to you all,

  16. Andrea Black says:


    This semester has been challenging, but productive. I’ve learned so much that, in my mind, I’ve become a professional assistant. I have a work study job here on campus; so, I am able to immediately apply every lesson. I am now aware of how to effectively send e-mails to my bosses and my professors. I can correctly proof and edit various business documents, when needed. I came into this class thinking that professional writing/communication consisted of extensive details and complex words. I was pleasantly shocked to learn that it more effective to be “simple, clear, and concise” when communicating professionally.

    My favorite topics are also my growing edges: conciseness and punctuation. I chose conciseness because I like getting right to the point but I am not always able to do so. As a child I was taught to tell the whole story whenever a problem arose; and I assumed that applied to everything. So I was very happy to learn that being concise was better. Although I prefer conciseness, I have not yet mastered it. I catch myself rambling from at times. I chose punctuation as a favorite because I like to use different marks to animate my writing and as a growing hedge because I don’t always use them correctly. Also, I have a habit of over using certain punctuations. Not only will I continue to work on conciseness and punctuation, but all the topics covered this semester.

    Happy Holidays,


  17. Amanda Ziller says:

    Hi class,

    My favorite topics were learning about emails and letters. I was never familiar with formatting them and this class helped me learn that. I never knew how many spaces had to be spaced or what the proper headings were. Another thing I thought was great to learn was what not to say and how to say it. This was great because I always want to apologize or say something with emotion but I learned how to say these things while being professional. This will help me in the long run with my career because there will be a lot of writing. My skills have changed because I noticed how much better I write now than before. Before I would write while thinking and not edit it because I would think it was right, but now I take my time and get to the point. I will continue to work on saying things professionally and not saying it like how I would to a friend.



  18. Hi Class,

    My favorite topics in class were learning about APA formatting and the refreshers on word usage and grammar. I have a love-hate relationship with APA formatting. On one hand, I am grateful for the opportunity to practice using it since I am much more accustomed to MLS. On the other hand, I think that APA can be very tedious and I spent more time than necessary trying to figure out how to format the running head correctly (among other things). However, like most things, APA formatting will become second-nature with practice. The refreshers on grammar and word usage helped me to brush up on my overall writing skills. As a stay-at-home mom for the past five years, I have not had to use my writing skills on a regular basis. As a result, my skills had become rusty and I was not as confident in my ability to make the correct grammar or word choice. Although I may still make mistakes, the exercises in this class have helped increase my confidence in this area.

    it was also great to interact with others in forum and to see that they struggled with many of the same challenges I face. I was nervous about posting in forum at first. However, once I saw that everyone was in the same boat, I felt much more at ease.

    I hope that everyone enjoyed their semester!

    All the best,

    Kelley Grafton

  19. Lauren Igartua says:

    Hello Class,

    One of my favorite topics was the cultural sensitivity. I really enjoyed that lesson because I think everyone shouldn’t judge another person by what’s on the outside. Everyone does it and it is a bad habit people need to break. Learning about different cultures is a positive thing.

    I learned a lot about formatting different letters such as e-mails, thank you letters, memos, and denial letters. Writing a response to a denial comes in handy if you would still like to work for that company in the future. It shows you have good character and a strong mind even when you got rejected from something you really wanted. It is definitely a good tool to know.

    My skills have for sure improved. I didn’t know how to write any of those letters correctly before this class. This class made me realize I always need to try my best for my future assignments. There are no redos in life, especially when it comes to a job. By the teacher giving us feedback and time to redo our assignments, she boosted our knowledge. She pushed us so we have all the correct information.

    I will definitely work more on formatting my letters. The first glance at a letter can determine the relationship of the receiver and sender. If the sender makes silly errors on a letter, obviously they do not care. If the sender doesn’t care about a simple, yet important letter, they might not care about an important job.

    Have a great break everyone.

    Lauren Igartua

  20. Danielle Miller says:

    Hi Class,

    I would have to say my favorite topics would have to be writing letters and the writing interview. I enjoyed learning how to format a business letter correctly. The writing interview was one of my favorite topics because it gave us a feel on what is expected in the field of our choice.
    I learned a lot of things from this class. I learned how to format different documents. I learned how to correctly do APA style formatting. I’m applying all the knowledge gained from this class in all other classes.
    I believe that my skills have improved; for example, I am more familiar with comma and semicolon rules. I believe that my overall writing has improved. I have always been bad in English; however, I find myself continuing to improve.
    I believe that I still need to work on punctuation rules. I also need to work on choosing the right word for a sentence; for example, the use of then and than.

    Best regards,

    Danielle Miller

  21. Ashley Bryant says:

    sensitivity was another one of my favorite topics. I learned that its is important to be aware of other cultures, personalities and generations. Everyone is different and that needs to be put into consideration when having a conversation. I also liked the diversity iceberg, it has helped me. The takeaways I have from this class, are that I’ve learned how to format multiple different things, also that less is more in writing. Overall I have enjoyed this class.

    Have a great break,
    Ashley Bryant

  22. Ashley Bryant says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Well I’m not too sure what happened with my last post, so I typed a new one.
    The writing interview was one of my favorite topics. It was neat to actually interview someone and write a paper about it. We learned a lot about our future careers. Cultural Sensitivity was another one of my favorite topics. I learned that it is important to be aware of other cultures, personalities, and generations. Everyone is different and that needs to be taken into consideration when having a conversation. I also liked the diversity iceberg, I use it a lot. Some of the takeaways I have gotten from this class are that I’ve learned that less is more in writing and I also have learned how to format multiple different things correctly. I will definitely refer back to my books when necessary. Overall I have enjoyed this class.

    Enjoy your break,

    Ashley Bryant

  23. Halie Gonlag says:

    Hello class,
    Throughout this semester, my skills have changed tremendously. I have learned the details of APA and through all of the practice, I can do a lot now without referring to a book or website every time. I have thought more openly about writing, and about how important it will be in my every day job. When conducting my writing interview, which I thought would be dreadful if we are being honest, I truly did learn a lot from the man I spoke to. Seeing as he is in the position that I one day would enjoy being in, it really made me get onto my toes. I will continue to work on every aspect of my writing, for I have many improvements to make still. You can always keep growing and better yourself, and for that I am thankful I am able to get a college education. The positivity and reassurance from the teacher was amazing also. You could really see how much Professor cared about us truly understanding writing and everything that we were learning about on a weekly basis.
    Halie Gonlag

  24. Kristina Vujanic says:

    Hi Class,

    My favorite topics this semester were writing letters in blocked letter format and writing resumes. I learned that formatting is a key component in writing a letter to a prospective future employer.

    I also learned that resumes are the key into getting the attention of a possible future employer. The formatting of a resume can say a great deal about an individual. The way that we format resumes can either catch an employer’s interest or it could make them disinterested in us as individuals. This is why writing a resume properly is very important.

    From now on, I will continue to work on my resume until it is perfect. I want my resume to catch the interest of a future employer so that I can have more job opportunities.

    I really enjoyed this course and the conversations I have had with my classmates. I hope everyone has a great holiday break.

    All the best,


  25. Marnetta Green says:

    Hello Class,
    First of all, I would like to say good job to team 2. It has been a plum pleasing pleasure being you all teammate. This semester has been a very challenging semester since this was my very first online class. Making time to complete assignments was difficult. Understanding the assignments without seeing exactly what was expected of me was the most challenging. Also getting my work schedule comingle with my school schedule has been a Wang dang doodle.
    Nonetheless, what I enjoyed the most about the class was the substantial postings and how my teammates will make me feel with their delightful comments. I always walked away feeling better and smarter. Again thank you team 2.
    Secondly, the assignments I enjoyed the most was dealing with cultural sensitivity. This assignment made you more aware of your weakness and differences and give you a chance to make changes that will make you stronger in dealing with people with cultural differences.
    Thirdly, I will take away editing as my number one take away. Where I realize it is alright to make mistakes along the way when you are writing as long as you go back and correct them.
    Fourthly, I want to thank Professor Young for being readily available for us online. I also want to thank her for being encouraging even when she will send me constructive feedback. Being encouraging and giving constructive feedback is also another take away for me. I believe it allow a person say to themselves “I can do this”.
    Lastly, I will be taking away with me a lot more knowledge concerning professional writing than where I started from. I will use all of the knowledge that I have learned to further my education by practicing with my peers and etc. until my writing skills become perfect.
    Have a great week.

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