The Writer’s Handbook – A Guide for Social Workers

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The Writer’s Handbook: A Guide for Social Workers
by Dona J. Young

The Writer’s Handbook: A Guide for Social Workers is a writing reference for social work majors and graduate students. Specific to social work, the text contains chapters on documenting in the field, research, APA style citation, and formatting.

In addition, learners have access to full chapters on principles of grammar (verbs, pronouns, and parallel structure), punctuation (commas, semicolons, colons, quotation marks), and writing style (active voice, pronoun viewpoint, and conciseness).

The Writer’s Handbook can be used as the primary textbook in writing classes for social work students or as a supplementary text for other classes.

Business Communication and Writing

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Business Communication and Writing: Enhancing Career Flexibility
by Dona J. Young

Effective communication is critical for career success in all professions. This text helps learners improve their communication and writing skills by breaking down the process and simplifying each step. Learners improve their skills as well as their ability to solve problems and make decisions. By breaking content into cohesive chunks, this text is ideal for online learning. Online learning activities are included at the end of each chapter.