Becoming an Incurable Editor

You are working intensely to improve your writing skills: What are you learning and how are your skills changing? Do you feel differently about writing? Are you on the road to becoming an incurable editor?


  1. Kelsea Russell says:

    At the beginning of the semester, I was worried that I wouldn’t do so well because of my lack of expertise with writing. Throughout the semester, Professor Young has given excellent advice and comments on my work and I increasingly do better each week. I am learning that writing is not scary, but that I thought it was because I did not continually practice. Now, I try to write daily for school or for enjoyment. I have realized from this semester, that I am not the worst writer in the world like I thought. I don’t know if I would say I am on the road to be an incurable editor, but I do think my writing has improved tremendously over these past few weeks. I do feel differently about writing, like I mentioned above. I am not afraid to write a paper or to do homework assignments that include writing, because of the practice and confidence I have gained with my writing.

  2. Sophie Nonos says:

    I have learned more than I can say so far this semester in Professional Writing. I had never before considered how professional/business writing and other types of writing are so different! One skill that I have learned that I will use in all of my writings, however, is the importance of conciseness. I am someone who tends to go on and on, and I always thought that that was a good thing. However, now I see that conciseness actually helps my reader to understand me more thoroughly and become less frustrated with my writings. I read for this class that sentences that go over two lines of text are probably too long, and I have used that rule several times since. Since being in this class, writing feels more personal to me than before, because I think more about who my reader is, and I try to personalize my writings to that reader now. The chapter on cultural sensitivity especially helped me to understand the importance of this. Overall, this class changed how I will behave and write in a business/professional setting more than any other class that I have ever taken, and I am very grateful for that. Thank you!
    Sophie Nonos

  3. Taylor Siewin says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Writing and reading are areas of study that receiving the most complaints. There is fear and stress in students’ eyes when they have a term paper assignment. I used to be apart of anxiety-ridden group. However, my semester in Professional Writing has provided me with knowledge, experience, and confidence in writing. I now enjoy expressing my thoughts in written words. I would recommend this class to my peers.
    Take care.

  4. Kayla Mayersky says:

    At the beginning of the semester, I thought I knew it all. I assumed this was just going to be another easy class, however, I was so very wrong. This was a good thing. I enjoy learning and I enjoy writing so this was the perfect combination for me. My professional writing skills have started blossoming because there are better words than the word like or easier ways to make your reader feel tuned in. Some assignments are more challenging than others, but I definitely have a deeper appreciation for writing than ever before. I am definitely on the road to become an incurable editor.

  5. Lauren Adams says:

    I have never been a strong writer, but also never tried to improve my writing. When I found out I had to take another english class I was immediately terrified, but told myself I would try really hard to improve my writing. During the semester, I have learned practical skills of writing in a way I understand. Previously, I had a bad habit of ranting on and on in my writing, but Professor Young has taught me how to be concise and to the point. Additionally, I have never had experience writing professionally, therefore this class helped me feel more prepared in the real world. I feel differently about writing now, I do not dread it nearly as much as I used to. I feel as though I am on the road to being an incurable editor, I am no where near it yet, but with more practice I can only move forward. I have learned a lot from this class and will absolutely recommend Professor Young!

  6. Amanda Nacovski says:

    I have never felt that I was a fantastic writer. I always struggled with beginning papers or stories. How do I start this out? What will grasp the audiences attention? I find that if I put less effort on the perfect beginning to a paper and just start writing, my work turns out better anyways. You can always go back and edit your work. Sometimes, I forget that and feel like everything needs to be perfect the first time around. It doesn’t and that is what is so great about writing. You can develop your ideas in so many different ways and none of it is wrong. Lately, I have had much more confidence in my writing. I do not dread writing discussions or papers like I once did, and I am happy to see how far I’ve come.

  7. Emily Rouhselang says:

    At the beginning of the semester, I was a little nervous for this class. I’m not the best writer and when I saw the class description said it was “an intense writing class”, I was worried I wouldn’t do well. I was completely wrong. This class has taught me so much about writing. How to improve skills, editing, proper grammar and punctuation, and how to be professional. I have a lot more confidence in my writing now compared to at the beginning of the semester. I enjoy how the assignments are related to real life situations, such as the resume and cover letter. Learning how to properly do these now will help us in the future when applying for jobs.I don’t know that I am on the road to be an incurable editor, but this class has helped a lot with my writing skills. I think with more practice and patience writing will become easier.

  8. Hannah Studer says:

    I have never been one to be fully confident when it comes to writing a paper with correct formatting and grammar. Saying that, I began to stress about the class before the semester even started. However, taking Professional Writing has helped ease the nerves and doubts I previously had. Each week I am learning rules and skills that help me become the best writer I can be. Throughout the semester I have learned how to improve my writing through proper grammar, punctuation, and editing skills. Along with that, I have also learned how to create different types of business documents and how to stay professional while writing. Sometimes when taking a class I think to myself, “When am I ever going to use this information in my future?” I can honestly say that every ounce of information from this class, from the grammar rules to the formatting of business documents, will have a use in my future career, whatever it may be. I no longer dread and procrastinate on homework assignments that include a writing aspect. I start it with confidence and remember all the knowledge I have learned throughout the class. Although I still believe I have some ways to go, I do believe I have gained enough confidence to say that I am on the road to become an incurable editor. Thank you Professor Young!

  9. Adylene Cubillo says:

    Hi everyone,
    This course has been undeniably eye opening. We have covered so many topics that seemed quite simple, yet I learned they are everything but that. Commas, semicolons, APA formatting, etc is something we all learn early in our lives but don’t realize their importance. I am glad this course has taught me the rules and tricks to these topics and now I am better at using them in my everyday life. I use to doubt my writing so much but receiving thorough feedback on it has helped me become a better writer, as well as boost my confidence. I highly suggest people to take this course even if it is not required for their major; you cannot go wrong with improving your writing. I know that by the end of this course I will be a much better writer and editor than what I started; I look forward to what else this class brings.

  10. Mike Reiser says:

    I really enjoy writing. I feel like I am becoming a stronger writer. This has not always been the case for me in the past. The material we have covered have helped me refine my skills. Also the notes and advice Professor Young has offered really helps. I have taken her advice and tried to write something everyday, this has helped. My personal editing skills have improved also. I try to read and reread all of my assignments. Obviously becoming a perfect writer is a unobtainable goal, but this will not stop me from trying. Thank you

  11. alyssa labra says:

    I was very nervous about this writing class. I have taken writing courses before at a different campus. But some professors were very unclear of what was expected of us or what we were supposed to learn. Professor Young is very helpful and her book is very consistent. I always feel like a bother trying to reach to professors, but her book is so helpful, I never felt the need to reach out. I think I am getting closer to be an incurable editor and I definintely see more fluidity in my writing. I am more confident of my writing and editing skills.

  12. Thelma Robinson says:

    Like most of my classmates, I too, suffer from writing anxiety. It’s the overthinking and lack of confidence a person has from their own belief of their inability to write. This semester has been a rollercoaster ride of learning different principles of writing. There are instances where I feel like the best writer, and there are times I know I can do better. This class is high pressure, like nothing I’ve ever experienced. There are two main reasons, the first being no other teacher has required a detailed writer. Professor Young pushes you to want to excel grammatically, it is more than just a grade. Also, the second reason is my overconfidence often leaves me in predicaments where I (could’ve, or should’ve) done better. This class is not something you rush through , being a excellent writer may never happen but to be a good writer it takes time.

  13. Paige Quesnell says:

    Before I started this class, I wasn’t too excited for it. I didn’t understand why I had to take it, since I’ve taken writing classes in the past. I could tell right away that this one would be different. I think that I’ve grown as a writer. I feel more confident in my skills.
    I’ve always sort of thought that I was a decent writer, so before I started this class, I think that I might have been overly confident. Now that we only have 4 weeks left, I’ve learned that I need to pay attention to the mechanics of writing. I think that I will have to continue to learn about the different punctuation marks, because I’m still a little rough on those. I’m also learning to proofread everything I write. I’ve been finding all kinds of mistakes in my assignments!
    I enjoy writing. The 12 page papers aren’t always fun, but I don’t have a difficult time with them. Writing in general, is a way for me to process what I’m thinking; if I write it down, it’s right in front of me. When I see my thoughts, it puts things in perspective for me.
    I am so grateful for the Professional Writing textbook. I will continue to use it as a resource. The examples are so clear and easy to understand. It might be sort of silly to be excited about a textbook, but I don’t care. I really think it rocks!

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